I, Phone

My good friend and former co-deejay Tony Youngblood hipped me to the free download of one of his latest ~Ore~ broadcasts this morning, an all-iPhone-app improvisation experiment originally broadcast this April 26th, on Nashville’s WRVU-FM. It’s called “I, Phone” and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

From the ~Ore~ episode guide’s description:

Here we have six performers playing apps such as Noise.io, RJDJ, Balls, The Zombietron, Brian Eno’s Bloom, the Thereminator, Mobile Synth, SpeakEZ, Ocarina, iPhone voicemails, Bebot, and more. William Davis from Oh No It’s Howard, his friend Brian Zimmerman, Ryan Adams from Sunshine Bros., Pimpdaddy Supreme, Irony from Nerd Prom on WRVU, and myself make one hour of pure iPhone goodness.”

Of course, experimental music obsessives will want to visit ~Ore~’s MySpace page as well– there are download links for many of the broadcasts, many of which are in the classic ~Ore~ model of an extended improvisation based on some bizarre theme. Some of my favorites:

“Good Sir” — Storytelling and weird music collide in slow motion. Listen gets to decide, success or failure?

“Turn the Page” — Wherein six vocalists find their behaviors controlled by inert objects. Namely, a stack of action cards making odd suggestions.

“Random and Nameless” — Maybe you have to be an ~Ore~ vet to dig this one, where all hell breaks loose and everything goes pear-shaped. Amusing for listeners, but probably a gut-wrencher at the time. Also notable for holding the current “most participants in-studio simultaneously” record.

3 Responses to “I, Phone”

  1. I, Phone : All iPhone App Improvisational Audio Experiment | #iPhoneDev Says:

    […] article HERE Share and […]

  2. Tony Youngblood Says:

    Thanks for the write-up, Dave! If listeners want to hear a sample before they download the whole episode, I posted an excerpt from the show at http://www.myspace.com/oreradio (corrected link. -Ed.)

  3. Garren Langford Says:

    Very Cool Guys, wish I was there! Could of brought in a 7th track :)

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