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New torrents!

June 28, 2009

(Quick note: the torrent files referenced in this post are being replaced with new links. Sorry for any confusion. –DaveX)

Here’s my latest batch of torrents. As always, you have choices:

“ITDE” 6/27/09– Realize all your dreams, and treat yourself to the full show. This broadcast features the debut of “Lawrence Welk’s Secret Shame,” Praey’s last pre-reunion tour set, obscure Finnish sounds, and Dictaphonia 2’s B-side!

Karthik Kakarala, Tony Youngblood, and DaveX LIVE– Karthik witnesses the awesome power of a fully-operational ~Ore~, and lives to tell the tale. Or does he?! Abused guitars, and multiple circuit-bent instruments will fill 23 minutes of your life with aural goodness.

Praey, LIVE– Fresh from the Lost Cross, Praey attempts to enlarge the Hi-Life Room via standing sound waves. Success!

Describing Yoshihide Sodeoka’s Video Metal DVD– Ranking highly amongst strange “ITDE” experiments, this segment finds DaveX and company engaged in describing the visual contents of a film to the blinded radio listenership. Weirdness without comparison!

Supplemental commentary for “ITDE” 6/27/09

June 27, 2009

Today’s show was a tremendous amount of fun. It also kept me on my toes! A few hours prior, I found out that my former ~Ore~ co-host Tony Youngblood was going to be in town, so I invited him to play a circuit bent instrument (of his design, the same one I employed during the Noise Summit) with Karthik Kakarala and myself. Our set went well, ranging from a lengthy drone intro to harsher electronic noises, and finished off with more primitive sounds… definitely a unique arc for the sound to take. BTW, fellow oddmuse Skincage wins the Rhythmer naming contest– I’ll be engraving “Lawrence Welk’s Secret Shame” front and center as soon as I can!

A bit later, Praey played their last set together, 10 minutes of awesome. Praey isn’t what I’d ordinarily refer to as “experimental” music, but there are some noise elements and subverted rock traditions going on– but mostly, I just wanted to hear some friends do their thing, and hey– we already had the mics set up!

For this broadcast’s finale, I screened a copy of Yoshihide Sodeoka’s new DVD “Video Metal,” currently out on the Table of Contents label. My intention was to broadcast the sound, and for everyone to provide color commentary to the listening audience in regards to the visuals. At one point in time, I referred to “Evil Erector” as being akin to zooming into an MRI taken of someone inside Tron. Anyhow, about halfway through our descriptions, I realized the sound was off– in-studio, the monitors are muted when we use the microphones to avoid feedback– but in this case, the sound was off for the listening audience as well! Thus, for a good portion of the DVD, listeners only heard our descriptions! I’ll be posting the audio for this broadcast later on, so you can check out our bizarre descriptions of this amazing DVD.

I’ll let you know when my show recording goes live, until then, take care! –DaveX

Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 6/27/09

June 27, 2009

We’re live!

VNC — Fight/Destroy/Ambulance
VNC — Your Heart Cannot Stay Asleep
VNC — Field of Anchors
Andrew Coltrane — Death Letter
The Raytownian(s) — We Are In A Corporate State (pt.2)
Belltonesuicide — Your Mouth is an Open Sore
blanco estira nuestro (+) hermana Helice — position lines within an afternoon movement
Fried Marlenstahl — Etude pseudo-electronique #1
NXP — Spiders
Rez Epo — Seen Her in the Very Heart of the Ocean
Hanson Ono — Incomprehensible Frustration
Death Factory — Memorial
Douglas Ferguson — v96+7gDL
Melissa Lovely & Justin Waters Here and Thereian Duo — DIY ask DIY
Pony Payroll — Nah
Karthik Kakarala, DaveX, Tony Youngblood — LIVE @ WDBX-FM, 6/27/09
BIOS — After the Universe Consumes Us All the Singularities Felt Particularly Useless
Conure — Hobart
Jeff Gburek — Kreuzberg–Neukoln–Kleve
Praey — LIVE @ WDBX-FM, 6/27/09
Jeff Gburek — Grace-Hollogne-Liege
Yoshihide Sodeoka — Video Metal, “Evil Erector”
Yoshihide Sodeoka — Video Metal, “Psychedelic Death Vomit”
Yoshihide Sodeoka — Video Metal, “Electric Hair Doom”

Upcoming broadcast highlights

June 26, 2009

This week’s broadcast of “It’s Too Damn Early” is shaping up to be a lot of fun. Following his own version of a MySpace Secret Show at the Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center, Carbondale’s man-about-town Karthik Kakarala will join me for a bit of radio improvisation. I’ll be making the broadcast debut of my newest instrument— I’ll let you know its name during the show, so you have until tonight to send in your (potentially) winning entry.

I’m also going to be playing from Yoshihide Sodeoka’s “Video Metal” DVD, just released from the magnificently cool Table of Contents label. My in-studio coterie will provide color commentary on the visuals– and here’s a hint– if you want some good audio samples, get your recorder running before the show. Sodeoka’s video’s are truly amazing, there’s no telling what adjectives we’ll be forced to employ while describing them!

I’ll also be playing from Dictaphonia 2, some more of the BIOS double CD, and some “autistic drone music” (their words!) from Ville Moskiitto via the Harha-askel label.

Bent Rhythmer

June 26, 2009

I was fortunate to pick up a Kay R-12 “Rhythmer” at a yard sale last week. It’s not every day that I have the opportunity to pick up a vintage drum machine for a buck! Upon trying it out at home, I discovered that it functioned, albeit with an additional high-pitched whining sound occurring throughout the chosen rhythm. This had to go, but I wasn’t at all sure what was causing it.

The next day, I cracked open the Rhythmer, figuring that I might get lucky and spot some sort of loose connection; basically, I hoped that my extremely limited electronics repair abilities wouldn’t be too severely called-upon. It’s true– I’m less truly knowledgeable about electronics than I am a helpful combination of lucky and willing to experiment. After all, I only spent a dollar, right?

bent rhythmer

I didn’t spy any obvious broken parts, so I employed my next “technique”… start poking wires in there! Now, before I continue, let me bring you a short announcement from Reed Ghazala, father of circuit-bending:

“Trying to circuit-bend any device operating on the “house-current” of your wall outlet is OUT OF THE QUESTION!!! This holds true even in the instance of AC adapters. Circuit-bending is for BATTERY-POWERED CIRCUITS ONLY.”

There’s a reason Ghazala says this– it’s so you don’t set your instrument on fire, send blinding blue sparks into your eyes, or perform an act of auto-electrocution. It’s serious!

I did it anyway.

My first poke with my little wire tester miraculously cleared up the whining noise problem, go fig. Things were going well! Being somewhat excited now, I decided to get my bending tools (i.e. miscellaneous junk) together and approach the Rhythmer the next morning with the intent to fully bend the bejeezus out of it. This is generally where a commentator says “he’s going ALL… THE… WAY!” but I’m going to save that for later.

I started off by cracking open the Rhythmer open again. At the time, I failed to appreciate how difficult it would be to type the word “Rhythmer” over and over again. I wish I had photos of it’s guts, because they’re a bender’s dream– rows and rows of resistors, neatly spaced with huge gaps practically screaming for a molten solder jizz-baptism. The Kay company wasn’t interested in compact design, apparently! After prodding around for a while with my tester, I found seven good bends. I decided to stop there, frankly, because I’m not exactly hot with a soldering iron AND because I only had seven switches that I had rescued from some sort of Rat Shack TV switcher device earlier.

The switches looked really nice! Three-position toggles, fluid movement… but unfortunately, the pins were all pretty mangled from the de-soldering/yanking/cursing/poking my fingers process of removing them from their original board. I still managed to get all my wires soldered on, but it was a huge time-sink and a pain in the ass. I’m sure you’ve already noticed that these aren’t in the photo, right? That’s because of those dang pins! No matter how I tried, I couldn’t get the solder joints as strong as I wanted them to be. I didn’t relish the thought of cracking open the Rhythmer every time a bit of solder decided to flake out on me, so I junked them and rewired the whole mess to the bank of RCA jacks you see at the top of the photo.

Each top/bottom pair of jacks completes a bent circuit when connected by a cable. Rows 2-8 are the original seven bends, with the first row being reserved for the left-hand assignable trim pot. That means that I can “turn on” any of the bends by connecting the top/bottom jacks directly, or control that particular bend by running the cable from the top position of the pair (say, number 7) to the top position of number 1, then from bottom 1 to bottom 7… putting the pot in series with the bend. Naturally, this more open arrangement of jacks also means that I can explore some of the fun sounds that arise from connecting different circuits in series as well. There’s a lot more possibilities than seven now!

I also added the right-hand trim pot, hard-wiring it to the 8th position, which speeds up the rate of the selected rhythm. In fact, the rhythm speeds up enough to easily demonstrate John Cage’s rhythmic fact about the underlying rhythmic nature of sound– drum beats become tones. It’s great, and definitely my favorite bend so far. Adding the left-hand trim pot into the mix gives me an incredible amount of control over the precision of this bend. Another great quality of the Rhythmer is how different many of the rhythms are from one another. Because they make use of different sounds to build the actual rhythms, the same bend will often have unique results depending on what rhythm is selected from the front panel.

I also discovered the possibility of body contacts on the Rhythmer, something I’d assumed would result in me being fried.

“He’s going ALL… THE… WAY!”

Yep, body contacts. I’d forgotten that touching any ONE of the RCA cables wouldn’t be completing the circuit. Of course, I wouldn’t want to grab TWO…. but one at a time is enough to get some fun sounds going. You can hear the results in my sound sample, I’m using my thumb to create part of the beat at the beginning. The sound sample is about 11 megabytes, so give it a listen.

If you happen to come up with a better name for this thing than “Rhythmer,” leave it in the comments section! The best suggestion will get engraved front and center on the Rhythmer panel. Come on folks– you can do better than “Rhythmer,” right?!

New torrents!

June 20, 2009

(Quick note: the torrent files referenced in this post are being replaced with new links. Sorry for any confusion. –DaveX)

Here’s some new “It’s Too Damn Early” episodes and pieces that you may enjoy:

“ITDE” 6/20/09 — In which DaveX overcomes his nightmares in order to interview Hal McGee. Marathon plays live, and the Infant Cycle’s secret message is intercepted by dogs.

“ITDE” 6/13/09 — Warm Climate plays radio guinea pig for DaveX, gang-pressing a cell phone into field trials. Halaka brings the weird, Dictaphonia v.1 goes one further.

DaveX interviews Hal McGee — Pretty straightforward. Too lazy to download the full show? Skip right to the microcassette-themed goodies.

Marathon, Live at WDBX-FM — Again, the title gives it away. Is there no more mystery? Help stamp out DaveX’s yammering and just download Marathon’s drone-noise live set.

Warm Climate, via cell phone, 6/13/09 — Who needs foreplay? Shoot your wad all at once, and head straight for Warm Climate’s inaugural phone-in set for DaveX. It’s kinda rough– go ahead, blame DaveX!

For more information about downloading with torrent files, see my earlier post.

Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 6/20/09

June 20, 2009

I’ve made it into the station, following an extraordinarily creepy nightmare. Let me just say that any deceased children attempting to contact me via my computer keyboard will not receive the best treatment from me at this time.

Listeners, on the other hand, have got it good today! Hal McGee is due to phone in for an interview soon, and Brandon Beachum is busy setting up for a performance in the next room. He was short one 1/4″ cable, so I found one for him– to call it “vintage” is exceedingly polite.


That was Hal McGee, folks. Definitely one of my better interviews– it’s so nice to speak with a person who is as obviously in love with sound as I am myself– I’d like to encourage you to visit the Dictaphonia 1 page; pick yourself up a digital copy of this fascinating compilation!

Right now, Brandon Beachum is warming up his giant amps right here in the Hi-Life Room. He’ll be going live as “Marathon” momentarily, so don’t miss out.

As I mentioned, today is Kurt Schwitters’ birthday– happy 122nd!– so I’m playing some Merzbow in his honor… the connection being the “merz-” see? Masami Akita didn’t dredge that up out of thin air… so it pays to know your history.

At present, Brandon is having some difficulties with his gear. Something may be broken. In such a case, I generally take it as an opportunity to do something completely different and aurally flog the defective equipment within an inch of its existence. Public humiliation for malfunctioning technology! Brandon is being a bit more sensible, systematically attacking the problem one knob and cable at a time. We’ll see how this goes.

It’s a gear crisis, but we’re all working to ease Mr. Brandon’s troubled spirit. Soon, listeners, soon!

David Lee Myers, Marco Oppedisano — Hyperpituitary Giant
David Lee Myers, Marco Oppedisano –Pheremones
David Lee Myers, Marco Oppedisano –Roog
David Lee Myers, Marco Oppedisano –Fling Away the Shell
David Lee Myers, Marco Oppedisano — Throttle Body Lifter
David Lee Myers, Marco Oppedisano –An Infinitely Hot and Dense Dot
Merzbow — Run Chicken Run
The Infant Cycle — Trombone
The Infant Cycle — Secret Hidden Message
The Infant Cycle — (and then the dog replied)
BIOS — Forever Dividing and Evolving
Sandor Szabo, Kevin Kastning — Hyperbola
Marathon — LIVE @ WDBX-FM, 6/20/09
Locrian — Barren Temple Obscured by Contaminated Fogs
Dave Wright — Cattle Gas
Richard Orlando — Farrington Street Blues
Mark McGee — Capoeira Blitz Squad
Sonic Disorder — Ugly Chemical Junk
Douglas Burkett — Spin Cycles
Jamison Williams — Francois Boucher (1703-1770)
Zebra Mu — Micro Junk Cassette Slicer

Don’t frog-et!

June 19, 2009

Tomorrow’s broadcast of “It’s Too Damn Early” will feature an interview with Dictaphonia curator Hal McGee, and a live in-studio performance of local artist Brandon Beachum’s “Marathon” project. If that wasn’t enough to get you wet; I’ll also be playing from the brand-new Dictaphonia 2 tape, spending some time with one of my favorite new releases from the OKS Recordings of North America label, and celebrating Kurt Schwitters’ birthday with some Merzbow love.

Tune in around 3:30 a.m., CST– I’ll most likely be a bit early getting started.


Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 6/13/09

June 13, 2009

Today’s show will be a long one, as I am covering for Kids Kamp until 8 a.m. Having “just” returned from St. Louis on a trip to see Peter Brotzmann’s Full Blast Trio (and Yowie!), I’m going to do the best I can to present a decently-coherent set. There may be rough patches, so hold on.

My phone-in guest today is Warm Climate, who have promised to make the best use of cell phone technology to play us all a little something around 4:30. I expect everything with go well with our phone-to-radio setup, but I still hope you’ll cross your fingers that no glitches occur.

Cheer Accident — Sun Dies
Cheer Accident — Mescalito
Cheer Accident — And Then Your Realize You Haven’t Left Yet
Cheer Accident — Blue Cheadle
Randall Hall — To Be Neither Proud Nor Ashamed
Warm Climate — Live phone-in performance on WDBX-FM
Halaka — Everyone Told Me I Was Great
DaveX — Jam Up/Jelly Tight
Barry Chabala — Acoustic Guitar: “m”
Violet — Spring
Fiver’s Stereo — Back Woods Preacher
Hal McGee — Inverse Square Ratio
3D-Man — Untitled Guitar Solo
Chefkirk — no input for microcssette
Ironing — MicrocaBettestrabE
Concrete — Distant Envelopment
Jeph Jerman — Metamatic
Blind Umizato — Microcasstte 04132009
Dave Fuglewicz — Liquid Glass
Big City Orchestra — Treasure for Daddy
Waterdigger — Hal McGee Has Stipulations
Jeff Gburek — Kreuzberg Neukolln Kleve
Jeff Gburek — Grace Hollogne Llege
The Infant Cycle — Secret Hidden Message
The Infant Cycle — (And Then the Dog Replied)
Luc Houtkamp — Flow Chart
Luc Houtkamp — New Wabash
Raquel Castro — Soundwalkers (DVD)
Randall Hall — HARD
Rahsaan Roland Kirk, John Cage — Sound

Upcoming guests!

June 11, 2009

Things have been moving quick for the “It’s Too Damn Early” performance schedule lately. Here’s what you can look forward to in the next two weeks:

This Saturday June 13, enjoy a live phone-in set from Warm Climate. Noise complaints from pesky neighbors thwarted their last performance, so all that pent-up musical frustration might lead to one hell of a set. Later on, I’ll play from Side 2 of Dictaphonia– Ironing, Jeph Jerman, Concrete Violin, Chefkirk, Big City Orchestra, and more!

On June 20th, I will be doing a live interview with sound art pioneer Hal McGee, who recently released the first volume of microcassette compilation series “Dictaphonia.” We’ll be discussing the unique properties of the microcassette format, the Florida noise scene, and getting Hal’s update on volume 2 of this fascinating project.

Local musician Brandon Beachum will also make the radio debut of his solo noise project, Marathon. If you enjoyed his contribution to the 1st Annual Noise Summit, you won’t want to miss him playing live in the Hi-Life Room at WDBX-FM.

Update: DaveX sez– I can haz spelchekr?

Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 6/6/09

June 6, 2009

I’ll mention it again– WDBX-FM is back online! Naturally, I’m excited– a higher quality stream, and the hope of some better service sounds great to me. I’m a little directionless today, but I think the Merzbow mind-wipe I’m currently perpetrating (from the fifth volume of the “13 Japanese Birds” series on Important, yah!) should help me clear the way for something good to germinate.

Just had a phone call from Las Vegas. According to the caller, Vegas area radio is in pitiful shape, with even UNLV aping corporate models. So today, I’m proud to say that “It’s Too Damn Early” has been chosen– over the Liberace Museum, over Round Table Pizza, and even over watching drunks fall off their stools at the many casinos. YAY!

I just confirmed a live set for Brandon Beachum’s solo project, Marathon. He’s going to be performing live this June 20th, on the show.

Merzbow — Requiem for the 259,000 Quails Culled at a Farm in Toyohashi pt.1
Merzbow — Requiem for the 259,000 Quails Culled at a Farm in Toyohashi pt.2
Miriodor — Ecart-type: Standard Deviation
Miriodor — A Determiner: To Be Determined
Ville Moskiitto — Kupariluostari
Ville Moskiitto — Kuhnuritanssi
Thanos Chrysakis — Inscape 24
Thanos Chrysakis — Inscape 25
Upsilon Acrux — Transparent Seas
DaveX — Keeping My Hand In
Su Sous Toulouse En Rouge — brugmansia tea
Kathy Burkett — Dachsooka Radio Buzz
Istituzioni Ambienti Naturalismo — Nastro #13b
Otolathe — Unorchestrable
Mike Khoury — Solo Violin
Black Beast of Arrrghhh — Micro-boogie
Horseflesh — Hyper Flies
Vagina Teeth/Jesus Teeth — The Sky and the Sea Bed
William A Davison — Garbage Guitar and Objects 090410
Homogenized Terrestrials — Air
Krysten Davis — BBBBAD
Rabbit Girls — Epithlamium
Rabbit  Girls — Hymenaeus
Rabbit Girls — die Hochzeit
Randall Hall — Reflecting Pool

Prog-O-Caust 2009

June 4, 2009

DJs Tim Ready and Micah Moses presented the Prog-O-Caust this past Saturday, on their Radio23 program “Public Sensory Radio.” I missed checking it out live, but you can join me in digging part one from their own archive.

These guys definitely appeal to my misanthopic side– dig this bit from Ready’s absolute takedown of Dream Theatre:

“…never has a band so ill-adept reached so far past its grasp for the moniker “genius”! Sterile, indeed; for 20 years overplaying and soloing to no end, and never for a moment did the seed of creation take- Oh, how pitiful to masturbate so incessantly and be capable of only ever shooting blanks.”

I also love his description of James LaBrie… perfect!

“Somewhere between Don Dokken and John Ashcroft, his shrill mauling of already terrible material produces something gorgeously rare- The Thing Which Can Not Be Parodied. With more octaves than restraint at his disposal, LaBrie shrieks and caterwauls like a show-off Castrati trying to convince the Pope that all little boys can still be useful, nuts or no nuts.”

WDBX back online!

June 3, 2009

I’m happy to report that WDBX is streaming online again! It has been a bit of a wait, but we’re finally at a respectable bitrate as well– 128kbps, not too shabby. The stream is being provided by Mayer Networks, a local IT firm. Right now, I’ve been unable to open the stream VLC, but the Windows Media Player (yeech) and WinAmp seem to handle it just fine.

For those who are especially interested, the stream is in the Microsoft Media Server protocol– I’m going to have to do a bit more digging, but it seems like you can record this sort of stream directly using a program called Gmms.

Mayer Networks will be load-testing in the next few weeks. What better way to give them a real run for their money and have all of us tune in online for this week’s “It’s Too Damn Early” broadcast?

I, Phone

June 1, 2009

My good friend and former co-deejay Tony Youngblood hipped me to the free download of one of his latest ~Ore~ broadcasts this morning, an all-iPhone-app improvisation experiment originally broadcast this April 26th, on Nashville’s WRVU-FM. It’s called “I, Phone” and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

From the ~Ore~ episode guide’s description:

Here we have six performers playing apps such as, RJDJ, Balls, The Zombietron, Brian Eno’s Bloom, the Thereminator, Mobile Synth, SpeakEZ, Ocarina, iPhone voicemails, Bebot, and more. William Davis from Oh No It’s Howard, his friend Brian Zimmerman, Ryan Adams from Sunshine Bros., Pimpdaddy Supreme, Irony from Nerd Prom on WRVU, and myself make one hour of pure iPhone goodness.”

Of course, experimental music obsessives will want to visit ~Ore~’s MySpace page as well– there are download links for many of the broadcasts, many of which are in the classic ~Ore~ model of an extended improvisation based on some bizarre theme. Some of my favorites:

“Good Sir” — Storytelling and weird music collide in slow motion. Listen gets to decide, success or failure?

“Turn the Page” — Wherein six vocalists find their behaviors controlled by inert objects. Namely, a stack of action cards making odd suggestions.

“Random and Nameless” — Maybe you have to be an ~Ore~ vet to dig this one, where all hell breaks loose and everything goes pear-shaped. Amusing for listeners, but probably a gut-wrencher at the time. Also notable for holding the current “most participants in-studio simultaneously” record.