Léger de oreille

Sadly, I will be out-of-town this weekend, so you’ll have to do without your “It’s Too Damn Early” fix for another eight days. To help get you through this painful time, I’ve put together a short list of some other interesting things to hear (for free) around the net in your spare time.

Ironing’s “Sum of Your Life” broadcast for May 25th: Features Hal McGee, Don Campau, and whaddya know– DaveX!!!

Southern Illinois Noise Summit 2009 2-hour collector set: Features Karthik Kakarala, the Cloud Cuckoo Band, and there he is again– DaveX!!!

Halaka – “ITDE Songs”: Features live performances created especially for– you guessed it– DaveX!!!

Marina Hardy, AKA Song for ITDE – “Rat Attat”: Yep, my radio show has a fanpage. No, I didn’t create it. But I’ll gladly link you there because I’m– DaveX!!!

I’ll be back in the Hi-Life Room on June 6th. Don’t despair!

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