Download the Noise Summit @ Terror Noise Audio!

Burek, co-curator of the infamous Terror Noise Audio blog, has posted .flac AND .mp3 versions of the 1st Annual Noise Summit– it’s a free download, so be sure to grab yourself a copy! In case you’d forgotten, here’s the tracklist for this killer 2-cdr set:

1-0 Introduction
1-1 The Cloud Cuckoo Band
1-2 DaveX
1-3 Glass Pyramid, Gorilla Heritage, Andrew Crook, Cosmic Twilight Pimps, Alex Ryterski
1-4 Karthik Kakarala

2-0 Introduction
2-1 Karthik Kakarala pt.2
2-2 Glass Gorillas on Safari w/ Andrew Crook
2-3 DaveX, Karthik Kakarala

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