Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 5/16/09

It’s my first show back after the “inland hurricane,” so I’m very excited to be here! I’m a tad bit out of practice, though, so you’ll more than likely hear a few mistakes today. Trio DBH should be my live guest for the day– though it’s anyone’s guess if they e-mailed and said they couldn’t make it– I still don’t have regular net access at home, eek!

DBH have arrived. I’m playing Na. All is well, if you ignore the building that has collapsed next door into the street.

DBH have commandeered the station’s vacuum cleaner, rubbish bin, and mop for music-making purposes. If we get these guys together with Karthik, we could start a small thrift store. I’ve got three mics today, but this has actually proven sufficient for once. The variety of small objects looked like more of a stretch to properly record than I am actually experiencing– I think this may be one of my better live sound setups so far!

DBH have decided to close out “It’s Too Damn Early” with a second set. For now, I’m playing more Tom Hamilton, and also from a new disc I received from Edgetone Records– “Lift,” from Gal*in Dog and Charlotte Hug. I’m really enjoying the strange-yet-familiar quality of this one; there are so many new and interesting ideas being thrown at me that they can’t all stick, so I’ll happily be re-visiting it later. On the other hand, it doesn’t feel totally alien… I guess the closest comparison is the dreamed sensation of being somewhere that your mind knows you haven’t visited, yet you feel as though it is a memory nonetheless. Edgetone, ftw.

Tom Hamilton — London Fix
Tom Hamilton — What Fell Through
Tom Hamilton — All The Mapping Shifted
Na — Na Impro
Na — B
Na — Nais Nice
Na — Song of Roma
Anla Courtis, Seichi Yamamoto, Yoshimi — Live at Kanadian (from Public Eyesore release #110)
D.B.H. — Live @ “It’s Too Damn Early,” WDBX-FM (pt.1)
Tom Hamilton, Bruce Eisenbeil — Dusting Off Dada
Tom Hamilton, Bruce Eisenbeil — Dryer Mouth
Tom Hamilton, Bruce Eisenbeil — Shadow Machine
Tom Hamilton, Bruce Eisenbeil — Dot Dot Dot
Gal*in_dog, Charlotte Hug — atl
Gal*in_dog, Charlotte Hug — citialin
D.B.H. — Live @ “It’s Too Damn Early,” WDBX-FM (pt.2)

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