WDBX-FM transmitter fixed for now– still needs help

At about 11:30 last night, WDBX-FM’s transmitter developed a problem, temporarily taking the station off the air. Station manager BRP called one of our many kind friends, who has gotten us back on-air temporarily.

“Big thanks to Tim Deterding, our engineer, who dropped everything, drove over and diagnosed the problem, then made a few calls and drove to WTAO in Murphysboro to borrow an old exciter. When that one didn’t work, he drove to Marion for another and on the way back was stopped in a roadblock and got a $75 ticket because the company car he was driving had expired plates. After all that, he made it back, installed the temporary exciter and had us back on the air by 4am!”

Our own exciter still needs repairs– about $2000 worth. And hey, let’s be cool and cover Tim’s ticket as well. If you want to help out, call 618-457-3691 and make a pledge, or donate online. WDBX is going to continue our current membership drive until just before my show this weekend. How cool would it be if I came in to find that this extra $2000 had made it in?

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