(Quick note: the torrent files referenced in this post are being replaced with new links. Sorry for any confusion. –DaveX)

I have a new method for archiving my broadcasts now, one that results in a higher-quality recording for you, but a slightly larger file size for me. Because of this, I can no longer avail myself of Mediafire’s pleasantly-free filesharing service, as their limit tops out at 100 megabytes.

So I’m going to share them using bit-torrent, and farm some of the work off to you! If you don’t use torrents now, let me explain a bit about how they work. If you do use torrents, skip to the last line of this entry and start downloading.

Alrighty… I have two files for you at the end of this blog entry. They’re called torrent files. These are very small, and contain no music whatsoever. They’re something like maps that your torrent software (we’ll get to this in a moment) can use to find the recordings I’m trying to share with you. Once you open the torrent file in that software, it will download the actual file for you.

This sounds like a bit of a run-around until you understand some of the magic happening. As I write this, I have not yet shared these music files with anyone. But by the time you read this, any number of people may have already downloaded them to their computers. When you open the torrent file (the map, remember?) it will not only start sending the file from me, but from everyone else who has a part of the file that you request! In this way, everyone who downloads a file helps to share it. Even if you haven’t finished downloading the file, you will still be able to share the pieces you DO have– that’s the magic of bit-torrent.

All you need to start is your torrent software, and the torrent file itself. As for the software, you have a lot of choices. I’ve done a lot of looking, and I recommend you use uTorrent. It’s popular enough to have a good community of users, it does what it’s supposed to do in a regular manner, and it’s not a bloated piece of junk. My Mac and PC friends can all use it, and it’s free.

And now for the torrent files. These are tiny, so they download really quick! Open up uTorrent, and drag them in– the program will ask you where to save them– it’s pretty straightforward. You can see the size of the file you want to download (these are going to both be under 200 megabytes) as well as how much has completed. You can also see your ratio, which is fairly important. If you’re playing fair, it’s nice to keep your ratio at 1.0 or above– that means you’ve given away as much as you have taken, so you’re helping others get the files you download as well. If nobody happens to want the file and your ratio is low, it’s not your fault; don’t sweat it.

As always, I offer these recordings purely in the spirit of sharing. They’re not as good a quality as you’d get if you purchased the actual albums, and these aren’t split into individual songs– you’re getting one big 2.5-hour mp3. If you like something, get in touch with the artist or the label. If you can’t, I’ll dig them up for you. Enjoy these recordings!

Here’s the torrent file for the 4/25/09 broadcast. Here’s the torrent file for the 5/2/09 broadcast. Have fun!

5 Responses to “Torrents!”

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  2. Tony Youngblood Says:

    That’s great to hear! What’s the new archiving method?

  3. startlingmoniker Says:

    Using an FM radio-ready mp3 player to rip directly to WAV. Saves me the
    time necessary to dub some sort of recording to PC, but is still
    resulting in a small enough file for sharing purposes. Plus, it sounds a
    hell of a lot better than my previous method. BTW, folks– if you don’t
    know Tony, you should go check out his linked profile to learn about ORE

  4. Karthik Kakarala Says:

    My absurd choices in organizing my life have actually resulted in me only downloading the April 25th show today. That’s right: 80+ (I am assuming that people downloaded both shows, so that the actual number of downloads is double the actual number of people) people may have listened to the broadcast of my own performance before me! A month and a half later, I STILL have no idea what to say about this.

  5. New torrents! « Startling Moniker Says:

    […] For more information about downloading with torrent files, see my earlier post. […]

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