Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 5/2/09

It’s the last week of WDBX’s Spring Membership Drive, so that’s always a good thing. As a happy note, “It’s Too Damn Early” wasn’t shut out this time around– $125 worth of pledges have come in during my broadcasts, pretty good for my time slot!

I’m starting off a bit early today. I kept having dreams full of confusing math, where my brain was trying to convince me that the span between 2 and 3 a.m. was not actually so great as 60 minutes, that I should therefore be waking up with some haste. Feeling caught in the middle of sleep and math, I chose radio.

A little bit of sleep remains, though. Randall Hall’s “A Passage Between” is freaking me out much more than it did when I listened to it for the umpteenth time yesterday. Hollywood is remaking “It’s Alive”– this should be used as the baby’s theme song, yikes!

Oh, here’s something I hate: our stream is down AGAIN. It’s been down for a week now. Here’s my beef– we’re getting it for free, so on one hand, I can’t complain too much. On the other hand… it’s been down for a week. That’s pretty crummy, even for volunteering. A dead webstream– especially during Membership Drive– is just going to drive away potential listeners, or alienate those folks who do try to check us out now and then. I think it’s high time WDBX seeks a more stable stream provider, don’t you?

Randall Hall — The Passage Between
Randall Hall — Queique chose que mon pere a tunu a ses mains
Randall Hall — Four Dogmas: Belief
Randall Hall — Four Dogmas: Conviction
Dubbio Nil — Seed, Fruit, Thorn
Santiago Latorre — Canon
Santiago Latorre — Naufragio
Santiago Latorre — Orbita
Mr. California, GX Jupitter-Larsen — Collaboration, side A
Smegma — Live in San Francisco, 11/13/04 (from Resipiscent label)
Shelf Life — Obsolescence.5f1b
Ruth Anderson — Points
Annea Lockwood — World Rhythms
Pauline Oliveros — Bye Bye Butterfly
Minus Pilots, Kenneth Kirschner — Twenty-seven Two Two
Tom Hamilton — Corral
Tom Hamilton — BB Ten
Tom Hamilton — Counterpoint Four

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