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Léger de oreille

May 29, 2009

Sadly, I will be out-of-town this weekend, so you’ll have to do without your “It’s Too Damn Early” fix for another eight days. To help get you through this painful time, I’ve put together a short list of some other interesting things to hear (for free) around the net in your spare time.

Ironing’s “Sum of Your Life” broadcast for May 25th: Features Hal McGee, Don Campau, and whaddya know– DaveX!!!

Southern Illinois Noise Summit 2009 2-hour collector set: Features Karthik Kakarala, the Cloud Cuckoo Band, and there he is again– DaveX!!!

Halaka – “ITDE Songs”: Features live performances created especially for– you guessed it– DaveX!!!

Marina Hardy, AKA Song for ITDE – “Rat Attat”: Yep, my radio show has a fanpage. No, I didn’t create it. But I’ll gladly link you there because I’m– DaveX!!!

I’ll be back in the Hi-Life Room on June 6th. Don’t despair!

5 Things I Learned in the “Inland Hurricane”

May 23, 2009

1) Carbondale should have given WDBX the money for an emergency generator. Although River Radio did a very good job covering all of Southern Illinois, WDBX could have easily provided its listeners with a more focused broadcast– with less ads for treecare and Idol-style bar events! Hopefully, WDBX will seek this money again soon.

2) Arbor Day should be freakin’ outlawed.

3) Having a gas range is wonderful. Who cooked full dinners every night by candlelight? I did! Being a vegetarian also helps– no need to rush all my meat to the grill.

4) Southern Illinois has about a million ways to pronounce “derecho”.

5) Chainsaw 101… Don’t stand on the log. Don’t cut above your head. When in doubt, finagle random strangers into helping with the promise of food.

Here’s some photos for you to enjoy:

Heres my street, two days after the hurricane.

Here's my street, two days after the hurricane.

Some random street in town. Honestly, I cant tell which right now.

Some random street in town. Honestly, I can't tell which right now.

This is nearby where I used to live. Thats a 200-year-old oak cutting the main electric line, yay.

This is nearby where I used to live. That's a 200-year-old oak cutting the main electric line, yay.

Im pretty sure this is right downtown, but its hard to tell with all the damage.

There was a lot of damage on this street. Too bad for the guy who just rehabbed that house straight ahead, eh?

This is actually not a jungle path. Its very near to downtown!

This is actually not a jungle path. It's very near to downtown!

Download the Noise Summit @ Terror Noise Audio!

May 23, 2009

Burek, co-curator of the infamous Terror Noise Audio blog, has posted .flac AND .mp3 versions of the 1st Annual Noise Summit– it’s a free download, so be sure to grab yourself a copy! In case you’d forgotten, here’s the tracklist for this killer 2-cdr set:

1-0 Introduction
1-1 The Cloud Cuckoo Band
1-2 DaveX
1-3 Glass Pyramid, Gorilla Heritage, Andrew Crook, Cosmic Twilight Pimps, Alex Ryterski
1-4 Karthik Kakarala

2-0 Introduction
2-1 Karthik Kakarala pt.2
2-2 Glass Gorillas on Safari w/ Andrew Crook
2-3 DaveX, Karthik Kakarala

Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 5/23/09

May 23, 2009

Hello, neglected readers! I didn’t want to become one of those people who complains about service interruptions after a natural disaster, but at this point in time, my lack of a net connection is starting to really suck. WDBX looks like it has seen better days as well– our roof is all torn up, the webstream is still down, and the transmitter is sporting a hand-me-down exciter. Some sort of progress is being made on the webstream at least… there is a rather hulking PC perched sideways atop the patchbay. Very ghetto fabulous, this crazy-quilt technology of ours.

If I’m killed in an electrical fire, you’ll know who to blame.

DBH — untitled track 4, from “Dirty Blue Hole”
Robert Ashley — Concrete: Ideas About Thinking
Robert Ashley — Concrete: O Mesopotamia
Robert Ashley — Concrete: Insatiable Desire
Dick Raaijmakers — Ballade Erlkonig Voor Luidsprekers
KBD – Battleground State
KBD – Unbecoming
Glenn Weyant — First Thought
Glenn Weyant — Second Thought
Warm Climate — Devine Souffle & The Southern Approach
Warm Climate — Motion Picks Glaze
Daryl Shawn — Hard on the Mouth
Daryl Shawn — Humbled
Daryl Shawn — Guard Your Innocents
Joan LaBarbara — Flying North
Joan LaBarbara — Silent Scroll
Merzbow — White Pea Fowl

Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 5/16/09

May 16, 2009

It’s my first show back after the “inland hurricane,” so I’m very excited to be here! I’m a tad bit out of practice, though, so you’ll more than likely hear a few mistakes today. Trio DBH should be my live guest for the day– though it’s anyone’s guess if they e-mailed and said they couldn’t make it– I still don’t have regular net access at home, eek!

DBH have arrived. I’m playing Na. All is well, if you ignore the building that has collapsed next door into the street.

DBH have commandeered the station’s vacuum cleaner, rubbish bin, and mop for music-making purposes. If we get these guys together with Karthik, we could start a small thrift store. I’ve got three mics today, but this has actually proven sufficient for once. The variety of small objects looked like more of a stretch to properly record than I am actually experiencing– I think this may be one of my better live sound setups so far!

DBH have decided to close out “It’s Too Damn Early” with a second set. For now, I’m playing more Tom Hamilton, and also from a new disc I received from Edgetone Records– “Lift,” from Gal*in Dog and Charlotte Hug. I’m really enjoying the strange-yet-familiar quality of this one; there are so many new and interesting ideas being thrown at me that they can’t all stick, so I’ll happily be re-visiting it later. On the other hand, it doesn’t feel totally alien… I guess the closest comparison is the dreamed sensation of being somewhere that your mind knows you haven’t visited, yet you feel as though it is a memory nonetheless. Edgetone, ftw.

Tom Hamilton — London Fix
Tom Hamilton — What Fell Through
Tom Hamilton — All The Mapping Shifted
Na — Na Impro
Na — B
Na — Nais Nice
Na — Song of Roma
Anla Courtis, Seichi Yamamoto, Yoshimi — Live at Kanadian (from Public Eyesore release #110)
D.B.H. — Live @ “It’s Too Damn Early,” WDBX-FM (pt.1)
Tom Hamilton, Bruce Eisenbeil — Dusting Off Dada
Tom Hamilton, Bruce Eisenbeil — Dryer Mouth
Tom Hamilton, Bruce Eisenbeil — Shadow Machine
Tom Hamilton, Bruce Eisenbeil — Dot Dot Dot
Gal*in_dog, Charlotte Hug — atl
Gal*in_dog, Charlotte Hug — citialin
D.B.H. — Live @ “It’s Too Damn Early,” WDBX-FM (pt.2)

Hurricane! OR… The Gruesome End of Chip Bleak!

May 13, 2009

So, Southern Illinois got hit by a hurricane last Friday. My family and I are alright, but I’m enjoying the electricity at my friend’s house a bit too much to say that not having power, water, or a functional net connection hasn’t affected me. I’ve also gotten familiar with using a chainsaw, as I had five trees fall in my yard… on my garage… on my barn… and on the dog kennel. In short, inland hurricanes suck.

But that’s not why I’ve brought you here.

Something gave me a bit of cheer on Saturday, the first day I managed to get out of my neighborhood, to survey the damage. I found a photo of it online, but you’ll trust me when I say that I have many more:

That’s a photo of Absher Motors, a local car dealership. I decided that I hated them some years back, when they built their oversized eyesore of a car lot just outside the hellhole that is Marion, Illinois. It wasn’t the gaudy, overwrought building that drew my ire– it was the sign. Frankly, it was the sort of thing that might have been more at home on Times Square, or visually broadcasting tweets from the moon… at  any rate; it was huge, magnificently bright, and totally useless. I knew I hated it from the start, and as a result, I hated Absher Motors. One of the first things I saw on the sign was an inadvertent misspelling of a salesman’s name– “Chip Bleak”.

Although I didn’t know it to be a misspelling at the time, Chip Bleak stuck with me as the perfect name for a comic foil. I used him as a character to introduce the track “Intermission” on my first Electric Kitten Vomit album. I made him a smarmy little toady, part stereotypical bully sidekick, and part vapid fratboy.

Part of me knows that Absher Motors is probably just a bunch of hardworking sales stiffs less-than-enthused to find their big honkin’ sign has totalled 15 new cars. That part of me is more than aware that somebody is going to have to eat the cost of this damage, and it’s probably going to be an unsuspecting car buyer many months from now.

But another part of me– the part that knows that life is absurd– gets a big kick out knowing that I outlasted Chip Bleak’s giant electronic light-up phallus.

WDBX-FM transmitter fixed for now– still needs help

May 6, 2009

At about 11:30 last night, WDBX-FM’s transmitter developed a problem, temporarily taking the station off the air. Station manager BRP called one of our many kind friends, who has gotten us back on-air temporarily.

“Big thanks to Tim Deterding, our engineer, who dropped everything, drove over and diagnosed the problem, then made a few calls and drove to WTAO in Murphysboro to borrow an old exciter. When that one didn’t work, he drove to Marion for another and on the way back was stopped in a roadblock and got a $75 ticket because the company car he was driving had expired plates. After all that, he made it back, installed the temporary exciter and had us back on the air by 4am!”

Our own exciter still needs repairs– about $2000 worth. And hey, let’s be cool and cover Tim’s ticket as well. If you want to help out, call 618-457-3691 and make a pledge, or donate online. WDBX is going to continue our current membership drive until just before my show this weekend. How cool would it be if I came in to find that this extra $2000 had made it in?

Dictaphonia approaches…

May 5, 2009
I’ve been following along at Hal McGee’s “Dictaphonia” blog, as he chronicles the work involved with putting together a microcassette compilation. According to an e-mail I received today, he’s pleased as punch to report that the first volume has been filled in under a month’s time! I don’t know what order the final release might take, but these are the submissions he’s mentioned at Dictaphonia thus far:

1) Dave X – “Keeping my hand in” (Carterville, Illinois, USA)

2) Su Sous Toulouse En Rouge – “brugmansia tea” (St. Petersburg, Florida, USA)
3) Kathy Burkett – “Dachsooka Radio Buzz” (Lady Lake, Florida, USA)

4) Istituzioni Ambienti Naturalismo – “Nastro #13b” (Rome, Italy)

5) Otolathe – “Unorchestratable” (Tampa, Florida, USA)
6) IWANTTOKILLEVERYHUMAN – “One Dogless” (DeSoto, Texas, USA)

7) Mike Khoury – “Solo Violin” (Livonia, Michigan, USA)

8) Black Beast Of Arrrghhh – “Micro-Boogie” (St. Petersburg, Florida, USA)
9) Horseflesh – “Hyper Flies” (San Francisco, California, USA)

10) Vagina Teeth/Jesus Teeth – “The Sky and The Sea Bed” (Clemmons, North Carolina, USA)

11) William A. Davison – “Garbage Guitar And Objects 090410 (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
12) Homogenized Terrestrials – “air” (Princeton, Illinois, USA)

13) Violet – “Spring” (Bethesda, Maryland, USA)

14) Krysten Davis – “BBBBBAD” (Tallahassee, Florida, USA)
15) Fiver’s Stereo – ??????? (Jacksonville, Florida, USA)
16) Hal McGee – “Inverse Square Ratio” (Gainesville, Florida, USA)
17) 3dman – “Untitled Guitar Solo” (Stafford, Virginia, USA)
18) Chefkirk – “no-input for microcassette” (Eugene, Oregon, USA)
19) Ironing – “Microcaßettestraße” (Gainesville, Florida, USA)

20) Concrete Violin – “Distant Envelopment (dedicated to GX Jupitter-Larsen)” (Houston, Texas, USA)

21) Jeph Jerman – “Metamatic” (Cottonwood, Arizona, USA)
22) Blind Umizato – “Microcassette 04132009” (Fort Worth, Texas, USA)
23) Dave Fuglewicz –  “Liquid Glass” (Lawrenceville, Georgia, USA)

24) Big City Orchestra – “Treasure For Daddy” (Alameda, California, USA)

25) Waterdigger – “Hal McGee Has Stipulations” (Polk City and Tampa, Florida, USA)
This looks like the sort of thing that will sell out quick, so you’d better keep a live bookmark on Dictophonia— you won’t want to miss out.

Upcoming performance!

May 4, 2009

Indiana improv collective and human tag cloud DBH have just confirmed it– they’re playing “It’s Too Damn Early” this May 16th, as part of their “Leave At Your Own Chosen Speed” tour. You’re not going to want to miss their set, so be sure to mark your calendar.


Here’s the tour dates:

9 – Cincinnati, OH @ BUNK arts  w/ Wasteland Jazz Unit
10 – Columbus, OH @ TBA
11 – Ypsilanti / Ann Arbor
12 – Lansing, MI @ Basement 414
13 – Chicago @ Elastic Arts
14 – Iowa City, IA @ TBA
15 – St. Louis @ TBA
16 – WDBX-FM, “It’s Too Damn Early” 4-6:30 a.m.
16 – Little Rock @ Schiller St. House
17 – Jonesboro, AR (or) Nashville, TN  HELP
18 – Bloomington, IN @ The Cinemat  w/ Fancie, Dang!Fever & more…

Torrent update

May 3, 2009

Looks like I’m never going back to Mediafire! Within less than 24 hours, the broadcasts for 4/25/09 and 5/2/09 have had over 160 combined downloads! I’ve been peeking in at my client off and on throughout the day, and have been very happy to see them uploading throughout the day. I’ll admit that I don’t know what lit the fire under these two recordings, but for now, I’m chalking it up to a combination of higher-quality files and a quicker download.

Without a doubt, you’ll be seeing a lot more back-episode torrents in the coming week– maybe even a “best of” meta-episode torrent, who knows?!



May 3, 2009

(Quick note: the torrent files referenced in this post are being replaced with new links. Sorry for any confusion. –DaveX)

I have a new method for archiving my broadcasts now, one that results in a higher-quality recording for you, but a slightly larger file size for me. Because of this, I can no longer avail myself of Mediafire’s pleasantly-free filesharing service, as their limit tops out at 100 megabytes.

So I’m going to share them using bit-torrent, and farm some of the work off to you! If you don’t use torrents now, let me explain a bit about how they work. If you do use torrents, skip to the last line of this entry and start downloading.

Alrighty… I have two files for you at the end of this blog entry. They’re called torrent files. These are very small, and contain no music whatsoever. They’re something like maps that your torrent software (we’ll get to this in a moment) can use to find the recordings I’m trying to share with you. Once you open the torrent file in that software, it will download the actual file for you.

This sounds like a bit of a run-around until you understand some of the magic happening. As I write this, I have not yet shared these music files with anyone. But by the time you read this, any number of people may have already downloaded them to their computers. When you open the torrent file (the map, remember?) it will not only start sending the file from me, but from everyone else who has a part of the file that you request! In this way, everyone who downloads a file helps to share it. Even if you haven’t finished downloading the file, you will still be able to share the pieces you DO have– that’s the magic of bit-torrent.

All you need to start is your torrent software, and the torrent file itself. As for the software, you have a lot of choices. I’ve done a lot of looking, and I recommend you use uTorrent. It’s popular enough to have a good community of users, it does what it’s supposed to do in a regular manner, and it’s not a bloated piece of junk. My Mac and PC friends can all use it, and it’s free.

And now for the torrent files. These are tiny, so they download really quick! Open up uTorrent, and drag them in– the program will ask you where to save them– it’s pretty straightforward. You can see the size of the file you want to download (these are going to both be under 200 megabytes) as well as how much has completed. You can also see your ratio, which is fairly important. If you’re playing fair, it’s nice to keep your ratio at 1.0 or above– that means you’ve given away as much as you have taken, so you’re helping others get the files you download as well. If nobody happens to want the file and your ratio is low, it’s not your fault; don’t sweat it.

As always, I offer these recordings purely in the spirit of sharing. They’re not as good a quality as you’d get if you purchased the actual albums, and these aren’t split into individual songs– you’re getting one big 2.5-hour mp3. If you like something, get in touch with the artist or the label. If you can’t, I’ll dig them up for you. Enjoy these recordings!

Here’s the torrent file for the 4/25/09 broadcast. Here’s the torrent file for the 5/2/09 broadcast. Have fun!

I’m planting things today

May 2, 2009

I really dig Dubbio Nil‘s newest mini-cdr for the Hymns label, “Seed, Fruit, Thorn.” As you may recall, I like ambient music that isn’t boring. In fact, I’m incredibly picky about it. If I didn’t like Brian Eno so much, I’d even say I dislike ambient music– which is why I’d rather say that this little 16-minute wonder is “quietly active” than ambient. It doesn’t hold my attention, but it does require it. Do you understand the difference?

My copy came with a Poncirus trifoliata seed, not exactly the most friendly plant. Known for possessing rather nasty hook-shaped thorns, I imagine it will also require more than a little of my attention! Here are two Dubbio Nil videos to keep you busy until your copy arrives in the mail:

Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 5/2/09

May 2, 2009

It’s the last week of WDBX’s Spring Membership Drive, so that’s always a good thing. As a happy note, “It’s Too Damn Early” wasn’t shut out this time around– $125 worth of pledges have come in during my broadcasts, pretty good for my time slot!

I’m starting off a bit early today. I kept having dreams full of confusing math, where my brain was trying to convince me that the span between 2 and 3 a.m. was not actually so great as 60 minutes, that I should therefore be waking up with some haste. Feeling caught in the middle of sleep and math, I chose radio.

A little bit of sleep remains, though. Randall Hall’s “A Passage Between” is freaking me out much more than it did when I listened to it for the umpteenth time yesterday. Hollywood is remaking “It’s Alive”– this should be used as the baby’s theme song, yikes!

Oh, here’s something I hate: our stream is down AGAIN. It’s been down for a week now. Here’s my beef– we’re getting it for free, so on one hand, I can’t complain too much. On the other hand… it’s been down for a week. That’s pretty crummy, even for volunteering. A dead webstream– especially during Membership Drive– is just going to drive away potential listeners, or alienate those folks who do try to check us out now and then. I think it’s high time WDBX seeks a more stable stream provider, don’t you?

Randall Hall — The Passage Between
Randall Hall — Queique chose que mon pere a tunu a ses mains
Randall Hall — Four Dogmas: Belief
Randall Hall — Four Dogmas: Conviction
Dubbio Nil — Seed, Fruit, Thorn
Santiago Latorre — Canon
Santiago Latorre — Naufragio
Santiago Latorre — Orbita
Mr. California, GX Jupitter-Larsen — Collaboration, side A
Smegma — Live in San Francisco, 11/13/04 (from Resipiscent label)
Shelf Life — Obsolescence.5f1b
Ruth Anderson — Points
Annea Lockwood — World Rhythms
Pauline Oliveros — Bye Bye Butterfly
Minus Pilots, Kenneth Kirschner — Twenty-seven Two Two
Tom Hamilton — Corral
Tom Hamilton — BB Ten
Tom Hamilton — Counterpoint Four