Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 4/25/09

Things seem awfully calm here after last week’s Noise Summit, that’s about all I can say so far. Karthik Kakarala has a set worked up that he’ll be performing later in the show– apparently I’ll be doing some reading, though I haven’t been briefed fully yet.

I’m starting off today’s show with some Edgetone Records material, all Thollem McDonas-centric stuff. The first, from self-titled disc from Bloom: Rent Romus, Steven Baker, McDonas, Jon Brumit… then a duo of Baker and McDonas, “Lunar Etudes Time Differentials”… and why not? A Romus/McDonas outing, “Sudden Aurora,” as well! There’s a rather striking instrument photographed on the rear of the second disc– a metal ball, with a protruding, cylindrical neck strung in the round, culminating in something like a mushroom-ish headstock. I’d guess it is played with a bow. Neat stuff!

As for McDonas, I can’t help but think he uses every part of the piano– reminds me of the old Far Side gag with the guy holding up some mangled buffalo organ– “except this, we have no idea what it’s for.”

I’m digging this new Pogus Productions release, “Shadow Machine,” by Tom Hamilton and Bruce Eisenbeil. Kinda reminds me of Na’s “Na Is Nice” disc on Pax Recordings from a few years back. It’s rather random, but in a pleasant way. I could definitely see this becoming one of my long-range favorites… it’s going to merit many, many entertaining listens.

I’m now playing from “The Passage Between,” a fine collection of Randall Hall’s saxophone improvisations out now on the Innova label. I’m happy to learn that Hall hails from Augustana College– I wonder if it might be possible to get him down here for a performance? Regardless, there’s a lot of fine playing on this disc. I’m especially taken with Hall’s interactions with Jonathon Kirk as Pendulum, with Kirk processing Hall’s saxophone in intriguing ways. I appreciate Kirk’s light touch here; he doesn’t mangle Hall out of existence, but he’s still very much central to what’s going on. There are interesting “control” issues present in an improvisation situation such as this, it takes a special bond between performers to make it work.

Karthik Kakarala is performing his live set now. It has a theme– my birthday! I have introduced the concept of the “continuous birthday,” so I hope you’re tuned in, and taking notes.

Now I’m playing Frank Rothkamm’s “Frank Genius Is Star Struck,” one of my most favorite albums of this year. It’s gloriously Rothkamm, and that’s probably the best way to explain it, too.

Oh! Before I finish– let me know if you want a copy of the Noise Summit 2009 CDR. I have 9 copies remaining, though some may end up at the local record store for free distro. In other words, get your claim in early. If you live far away, give me a few days to get the download together.

Bloom — Stamen
Bloom — Chandelier
Steven Baker, Thollem McDonas — Perigee Dirge
Steven Baker, Thollem McDonas — Radio Below
Rent Romus, Thollem McDonas — Intimation Dusk
Rent Romus, Thollem McDonas — Of Reflection Veil
Tom Hamilton, Bruce Eisenbeil — Dusting Off Dada
Tom Hamilton, Bruce Eisenbeil — Dryer Mouth
Tom Hamilton, Bruce Eisenbeil — Shadow Machine
Tom Hamilton, Bruce Eisenbeil — Dot Dot Dot
Tom Hamilton, Bruce Eisenbeil — Mars Fell on Alabama
Randall Hall, Jonathon Kirk — Three Reflections on Eternity: Awakening
Randall Hall, Jonathon Kirk — Three Reflections on Eternity: Loss
Randall Hall, Jonathon Kirk — Three Reflections on Eternity: Apocalypse
Karthik Kakarala — Live @ WDBX-FM
Frank Rothkamm — Atari
Frank Rothkamm — Chelsea Girl
Frank Rothkamm — La Vie
Frank Rothkamm — Black in the Sky
Frank Rothkamm — Q
Frank Rothkamm — Roll X Tones
Frank Rothkamm — Vast
Frank Rothkamm — Elvis

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