Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 4/18/09

It has begun– the 1st Annual IlliNOISE Summit! And the Spring Membership Drive!


Yes, it’s true. I somehow scheduled the Noise Summit for Membership Drive time. There’s no real harm, it just makes everything that much more chaotic. After arriving at 2:30 a.m., and nearly being scared to death by the quiet-footed station manager Brian, I got everything more or less set up on my end; cables, mics, my own performance gear, etc.

Cosmic Twilight Pimps are the first to show up– it’s 3:15 am, and I’m in the middle of the pre-Summit midwestern noise warmup– so they’re getting their mountain of gear ready to go. With a bit of luck, everything will be able to kick off at 4am. If not, I guess I’m going first, ack!

You may listen LIVE here: “Yes, I’d like my eardums blown out.

Two Glass Pyramid members have arrived, along with 2/3 of the Cloud Cuckoo Band. Numerous cables have exploded across the front room/studio/Hi-Life Room… I can’t imagine what things will look like with everyone present!

Nathan and Justin (Cloud Cuckoo) are almost finished with their set– gotta find some time for the next Membership Drive schpiel– if you want to donate, feel free to give a call in 681-457-3691…

Okay, in the last hour or so… I did my set, a quick harsh blast of photovoltaic feedback and scree, followed by the entire front room (11 people!) moving from my version of Cock ESP to their version of Acid Mothers Temple– i.e., LONG AND LOUD!

This is definitely getting people’s attention. The owner of Global Gourmet (or maybe an employee?) stopped by to see if I was lying about having so many folks playing live. Ah, I wish I’d had money riding on that.

Karthik is playing his set now– he’s got this amazing alien-looking PA system… weird, like those electrostatic speaker systems that generate enormous sounds despite the flat shape. This looks like something out of 2001: A Space Odyssey. Anyways, he has 20 seconds left in his set.

Karthik is 5 minutes into his second set now. Banging away at a helpless guitar. Everyone else has decided to break into smaller improv combos for the next portion of the broadcast– there’s simply no way to go about this broadcast other than to be highly flexible about who plays when, etc. With five microphones in service, I’ve been running back and forth, tracing wires from here to there, monitoring transient spikes in the signal, and doing my best to get a decent set of recordings to document this historical event.I’m fully convinced that the Noise Summit is the point that music fans will point to later down the road as a major turning point for experimental music in Southern Illinois. What do you think?

We’ve got a five-person combo set up and playing in the front room– drums, horns, guitar, synth, bass– sounds great, even though I’m sure I don’t have the mics perfect. I’m doing my best, but this little studio just isn’t insulated enough for me to hear the mix without a significant portion of their actual sound bleeding through. Hopefully, you’re enjoying it– I know I am.

We’re nearing up on 6am now. Just 30 minutes to go before this year’s Noise Summit is finished. But hey– it’s Record Store Day!

Playlist for “Midwestern Noise Warmup”
John Cage — HPSCHD (recorded at University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)
Miss High Heel — The Family’s Hot Daughter
Rabbit Girls — The Lifelong Journey Into Nonexistence

One Response to “Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 4/18/09”

  1. neR Says:

    well, i’m a superbad engish speaker and writer, even if i use kind of broken english, kind of noise langage) into my performative poetry – but : that i heard, was GOOD-better-than-noise !!!

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