1st Annual Southern IlliNOISE Summit

With a huge assist from local music gadabout Karthik Kakarala, I’ve been putting together what’s shaping up to be a fantastic noise free-for-all this April 18th, to be held during “It’s Too Damn Early.” Not a huge concept here– gather noise, rinse, repeat– but this is a big step for Southern Illinois, which is why I’m giving it a big name: The 1st Annual Southern IlliNOISE Summit!

Besides myself, here’s the lineup thus far:

Karthik Kakarala – Definitely a shining light in the Southern Illinois music scene. Kakarala has distinguished himself as an avid experimentalist, juggling more interesting projects than most folks would suspect.

Rick Leipold – Featured in the previously-posted “Nonexistent” documentary, also a member of Gorilla Heritage.

Tom Vasilj – Also featured in “Nonexistent,” Vasilj is half of Cosmic Twilight Pimps, and a frequent archivist of live performances at “It’s Too Damn Early.”
Andrew Crook – During Karthik’s April performance at WDBX-FM, I handed Crook a guitar. He just looked at me. Should I have labeled it “monkey wrench”? Perhaps.

Matthew Lee Lind – Drummer for Gorilla Heritage. Looking forward to hearing him again!

Nathan Staley, Justin Rodig – Members of the Cloud Cuckoo Band, organizers of Improv Noise Night. (More info on this later!)

Alex Ryterski – Recently, Ryterski told me that he’s interested in running a microphone into a blender. This is what happens when “There Will Be Blood” and “Will It Blend?” have a baby. Regular listeners will also remember his raw data > audio compilation as Chaos Kit from 3/14/09.

I’ll be working this week to round up more players, so keep checking back for updates!

Again, everything will be broadcast on “It’s Too Damn Early,” from 4-6:30 a.m., on WDBX-FM.

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