A side trip– Julie Andrews!

For this year’s Beaster celebration (Beaster being my family’s version of the holiday held– you guessed it– Before Easter) my wife gave me a copy of Julie Andrew’s recent autobiography, Home: A Memoir of My Early Years. I’m a big fan of Julie Andrews, having had a crush on her since forever, so it wasn’t a complete surprise to me that I’ve been enjoying the book. It is a bit more dark in parts than I would have expected, but her frank rendering keeps things out of Oprah territory, thankfully.

In between making calls to line up performers and press for the 1st Annual Southern IlliNOISE Summit (and a door-to-door vacuum salesperson who just interrupted me, how old-fashioned!) I’ve been taking time to make some headway through this fascinating book. I wasn’t expecting to find this:

“In 1957 I made two record albums. One was for Angel Records, and was called “Tell It Again,” a collection of unusual children’s songs composed and arranged by a blind eccentric named “Moondog.” He was the equivalent of an English “busker,” playing various instruments on the corner of 54th Street, near Broadway. He was brilliant, funny, and a little daunting– for he sported a long beard and dressed in loose robes, open toed sandals, and a Viking’s helmet. He also carried a spear. He was definitely not crazy, but certainly unique. is music was sophisticated and original. Some of his rhythms were in five-fourths and seven-eights, which I found challenging, having never sung them.”

OMG. It’s stuff like this that just makes me lose my shit. Julie Andrews and Moondog? How awesome is that?! Anyways, this has now rocketed to the top of my birthday wish list, so if you’re feeling wonderful… the album’s original contents are available on this compilation. Hint, hint. Better add quick shipping, I’m not getting any younger here.

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