Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 4/11/09

Well, I’ve gone and done it– I’ve placed two microphones on either side of WDBX-FM, and am currently listening to a strange mixture– perfectly-rendered birdcalls AND a rushing freight train. Normally, one would drown the other out… this may be more interesting than I thought!

I have also inserted the station’s streaming broadcast into the mix– I don’t think I can hear the effect just yet, but I imagine it will be more apparent when things quiet down a bit outdoors.

Ah yes, the “train” is leaving again. Hooray for time-lagged webstreams, I get to hear it twice!

I’ve decided to play a bit with one of my microcasstte recorders, taking samples of the indoor and outdoor sounds from one mic to the next, then re-recording the results as they lag through the station monitors later on. I just heard myself advancing the tape, playing microcassette recordings of birdsounds originally made indoors… many generations are at work right now.

Lots of birds. Lots of tape.

I’ve decided to leave this place, and take listeners to a San Diego canyon. Abassador birds from Southern Illinois have made the proper introductions to the local wildlife, please watch your head, this is under a flight path for aircraft.

Miya Masaoka, Joan Jeanrenaud — For Birds, Planes & Cello
Valerio Cosi, Enzo Franchini — Conference of the Aquarians, pt. 1
Valerio Cosi, Enzo Franchini — Conference of the Aquarians, pt. 2
Malcolm Goldstein — The Seasons: Vermont, Summer
Revolutionary Ensemble — Le-Si-Jer
Revolutionary Ensemble — Improvisation I
Revolutionary Ensemble — Improvisation II

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