…and now, the truth

First off, April Fools! My previous post about the Performing Musicians Licensing Act was a bit of a joke on my part…

…But only a bit.

The sad thing is that a lot of it is actually true, and I’m not kidding this time around. Chicago really does have a stupid plan to force all promoters to carry ridiculous amounts of insurance AND apply for a license in their new, non-publicly-released ordinance. How this plays out will truly have a major effect on the Windy City. You can read about how to fight for your right to party here.

As for licensing American musicians, I made it up. As much as dumbasses like Illinois Rep. John Shimkus would probably love to see all underground art and expression forcibly removed from the face of the Earth, he’s too busy making ludicrous statements about global warming to care. That works out okay for American musicians…

…but if you’re Serbian, you’re fucked. The Serbian government has actually PASSED a musicians’ licensing act, which actually DOES have a jurored performance and musician’s exam. For the low cost of about 150 euros, Serbians can apply for a musicians’ license allowing them freedom to perform their music– music approved of by Serbian officials, of course! You can find more information about the Serbian music license at Terror Noise Audio, as well as at the following translated webpages here and here.

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