Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 3/28/09

Had some friends over last night– stayed up way too late, so much so that I had to start the show on time instead of picking up an extra hour, so this morning I’m only doing my usual 2.5 hour set. Sorry, I gotta sleep sometime!

I’m still working out the kinks, but I’m happy to say that the DVD player on the station’s PC is turning out to be a real nice addition to our bag of tricks. I wouldn’t mind some reader recommendations for a good DVD playing program, though– Windows Media Player works, but it lacks a by-chapter countdown feature that is so helpful for DJs watching time between cuts. VLC doesn’t seem to run well on this machine, at least not for DVDs. Any ideas?

Amps for Christ — Happy New Year, Sibanjar
Mazen Kerbaj — Brrrt
Pete Stollery — Altered Images
Pete Stollery — Shortstuff
Jin Sangtae — Extention
Lee Hangjun, Hong Chulki — Cracked Share
Ways & Means Trio — Scattered Image Brought Abreast of Itself (feat. Ed Roberson)
Ways & Means Trio — Lucid Interval One
Shinkei, Luigi Turra — Nagoya Koen
Shinkei, Luigi Turra — Kin-Hin
Upsilon Acrux — Expiration Date (Alaska, My Darkness)

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