Tabs Out

I’m always up for another noise review blog, especially one that’s as funny as this:

“Random length tapes are one of those things that gets to me (recycled tapes excluded). When you release a C30, dub those mother fuckers on C30s. Don’t just have a random mixture of C30s and C41s and C62s and C33s, etc… You see that a lot with Fag Tapes. I imagine Heath just has this huge cardboard box in his house filled with tapes. It’s a good size box – about the size you would use it to ship a three year old in – probably with phone numbers and doodles of dicks scrawled on the sides. Packed to the brim with everything from C1s to C120s, some spray painted, some not. I can imagine the dude just picking in like a cookie jar, dubbing with one hand, hitting a Bart Simpson shaped bong with the other. It’s actually a pretty inspiring vision when you think about it, but the end game is gonna be mega-gaps. I HATE super long gaps at the end of sides. You ever forget you were listening to a tape because there is so much blank space at the end? I’ve definitely been in the situation of pumping silence out of the speakers for a good 15 – 20 minutes before thinking “wasn’t I listening to something”, then the play button pops up and I jump a bit.”

via Tabs Out.

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