DJ Search, Day 2

No takers so far. Looks like this week, I’m coming in early to pick up a bit of the slack. Don’t get me wrong– I dig adding an hour to my show– but I could also use the extra sleep! The worst part is knowing that I’ll be driving into town with nothing unexpected and interesting on the radio. You see, the dirty secret is that when we don’t have a DJ on duty (which is only for a few of these late night/early morning spots) WDBX has to put an mp3 CD in the player. Yecch!

Normally, I’d enjoy listening to whatever DJ happens to be on as I drive to the station. Even if I don’t necessarily dig the music they’re playing, the atmosphere helps me get more in tune with the mood and flow of where the overall broadcast is headed. Good DJing is a bit like a conversation, but you can’t do this with a machine on shuffle.

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