On the horizon

I’ve been hard at work trying to wrangle live guests for this summer’s “It’s Too Damn Early” broadcasts, and I’ve already got a few good bands lined up. The details are still a bit sketchy this far out, but there’s no reason I can’t share my excitement with you now!

Looks like D.B.H. are going to be performing in Mid-May. It’s anyone’s guess as to exactly what sort of instrumentation and line-up to expect, but I’m sure we’ll all be pleasantly surprised.

Locrian are coming down from Chicago sometime this summer– they’re excited, I’m excited– and as soon as I know when you need to be there, I’ll let you know. In the meantime, here’s a good interview with the band.

Quetzalcoatl are coming to town for a house show, at the bidding of ex- “Sweet Action” host Nick; if all goes well, they’ll do a post-show set on-air.

The moral of this post? Don’t make me do all the hard work. If you want to perform on the show, get in touch!

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