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Oppose the Performing Musicians Licensing Act!

March 31, 2009

This is going to be a little off topic since most of my visitors are not from the Chicagoland area, but I will write this anyway, as this local issue is turning into a collapsing house of cards that may yet threaten us all.

Last year, the Chicago City Council’s Music Commission, chaired by Ald. Eugene Schulter (47th), drafted the so-called “event promoters ordinance” last spring with almost no input from the music community, rapidly moving it toward a vote before the full council in May. But aldermen tabled the controversial law at that time after an unprecedented outcry from the local music world.

Last year, council members vowed to work with the music community to “fine-tune” the law before a final vote.

Sources close to the procedure say that a retooled version of the law has now been ready since mid-February, and that the license committee is gearing up for a vote on Mar. 11 prior to sending the legislation back to the full council for what the committee hopes will be quick passage. Once again, however, the law is not being made available for public scrutiny, and no public hearings are scheduled to seek input from musicians, music lovers and indie concert promoters.

The good news is that public opposition to the proposed ordinance has grown more vocal and organized since the last vote, and could present a formidable player in killing the bill. The bad news is that the Commission already has an end-run around Chicago citizens in the works– a proposal to create a Performing Musicians Licensing Act. If you think about it, you’ll begin to see the ruthless logic at work:

The original bill, created in reaction to the terrible E2 Nightclub incident, in which 21 people were trampled to death, contained the following language:

“No person shall engage in the business of event promoter without first having obtained an event promoter license under this chapter.” AND “Each applicant for a license under this chapter shall furnish a certificate of insurance, evidencing commercial general liability insurance, with limits of not less than $300,000.00 per occurrence for bodily injury and property damage arising in any way from the issuance of the license.”

In short, promoting music would get a whole hell of a lot more expensive, prohibitively so for underground venues and organizers. Want to have a house show? Forget it! But lawmakers forgot that promoters are also the ones who usually have the money– deep pocket promoters might be able to keep this one off the books. But where to turn next?


That’s right, they’re going after the musicians now. If they couldn’t get promoters in line, they’re just going to take away their product, or at least make it difficult for anyone but the biggest bands and artists to play. Given the political shakeup post-Blagojevich, there have been a lot of Illinois politicians taking new offices lately– one of which helped draft the original Commission ordinance, but now finds himself out of his State-level seat and nearer to the ear of another well-known Chicago politician– President Obama.

Under the PMLA, all “performing” musicians (and are there any other kind?!) will be required to apply for a performing license which requests the following information, in addition to an EXAM and a jurored performance:

“(1) the applicant’s full name, residence address, business address, business
e-mail address, business telephone number and cell phone number;

(2) the name, residence address and residence telephone number of allcontrolling persons other than the applicant, if any;
(3) proof that the applicant and all controlling persons are at least 21 years of age;
(4)A statement as to whether, within the last 5 years, the applicant and each
controlling person has had a performer’s license or any other equivalent
license or permit, regardless of nomenclature or characterization, revoked or
suspended in any jurisdiction and if so, the details surrounding each such
suspension or revocation;
(5) A statement as to whether, within the last five years, the applicant and each
controlling person has been either convicted, in custody, under parole or under
any other non-custodial supervision resulting from a conviction in a court of any
jurisdiction for the commission of a felony of any kind, or of a criminal offense of
whatever degree involving theft, fraud, perjury or dishonesty and if so, the details
surrounding each such conviction;
(6) A statement as to whether, within the last five years, the applicant and each
controlling person has been convicted or found liable of knowingly making a false
statement of material fact or a knowing and material misrepresentation or
omission on or in connection with any license application submitted under this
chapter and if so, the details surrounding each such conviction or finding of
(7) The date of birth and social security number of each natural person named in the
license application;
(8) The license fee, as required by section 4-157-060;
(9) Fingerprints, as required by section 4-157-090;
(10) Proof of insurance, as required by section 4-157-100;
(11) An indemnification agreement, as required by section 4-157-110; and
(12) Any other information that the director may require.

Gotta love that last one– what else could they want? A fucking semen sample? But seriously, this is some bullshit. No more musicians under the age of 21? As much as I’d love to see Miley Cyrus out of a job, what about all the kids coming up in garage bands, or playing in their first couple years of college? Obviously, music students aren’t exactly touring musicians, but this still seems way out of line with reality.

A law like this opens way more issues than I’m prepared to deal with in this post– who gets the licensing fees, and where do they go? What about hobbyist musicians? Who appoints the jurored panels, and what will be considered “music”? I don’t want to get ahead of things, but I’m thinking of a sort of USA vs. Dunifer approach myself– claim that I don’t make music, only noise. Thus, the board will not have a licensing category for me– and I should be able to press on. What do you think?

I Heart Lung “Interoceans I” video

March 30, 2009

Another fine piece from Cristopher Cichocki, with audio by I Heart Lung. The album is here, the DVD is here.

In which our hero becomes a movie star

March 30, 2009

Okay, not really. But this IS a pretty cool documentary about the local noise/experimental community. It’s accessible to those who aren’t familiar with this stuff, and also manages to convey a sense of the dignity and pride that goes into our work. Be sure to leave Alex a comment here or at his Vimeo page!

Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 3/28/09

March 28, 2009

Had some friends over last night– stayed up way too late, so much so that I had to start the show on time instead of picking up an extra hour, so this morning I’m only doing my usual 2.5 hour set. Sorry, I gotta sleep sometime!

I’m still working out the kinks, but I’m happy to say that the DVD player on the station’s PC is turning out to be a real nice addition to our bag of tricks. I wouldn’t mind some reader recommendations for a good DVD playing program, though– Windows Media Player works, but it lacks a by-chapter countdown feature that is so helpful for DJs watching time between cuts. VLC doesn’t seem to run well on this machine, at least not for DVDs. Any ideas?

Amps for Christ — Happy New Year, Sibanjar
Mazen Kerbaj — Brrrt
Pete Stollery — Altered Images
Pete Stollery — Shortstuff
Jin Sangtae — Extention
Lee Hangjun, Hong Chulki — Cracked Share
Ways & Means Trio — Scattered Image Brought Abreast of Itself (feat. Ed Roberson)
Ways & Means Trio — Lucid Interval One
Shinkei, Luigi Turra — Nagoya Koen
Shinkei, Luigi Turra — Kin-Hin
Upsilon Acrux — Expiration Date (Alaska, My Darkness)

Tabs Out

March 27, 2009

I’m always up for another noise review blog, especially one that’s as funny as this:

“Random length tapes are one of those things that gets to me (recycled tapes excluded). When you release a C30, dub those mother fuckers on C30s. Don’t just have a random mixture of C30s and C41s and C62s and C33s, etc… You see that a lot with Fag Tapes. I imagine Heath just has this huge cardboard box in his house filled with tapes. It’s a good size box – about the size you would use it to ship a three year old in – probably with phone numbers and doodles of dicks scrawled on the sides. Packed to the brim with everything from C1s to C120s, some spray painted, some not. I can imagine the dude just picking in like a cookie jar, dubbing with one hand, hitting a Bart Simpson shaped bong with the other. It’s actually a pretty inspiring vision when you think about it, but the end game is gonna be mega-gaps. I HATE super long gaps at the end of sides. You ever forget you were listening to a tape because there is so much blank space at the end? I’ve definitely been in the situation of pumping silence out of the speakers for a good 15 – 20 minutes before thinking “wasn’t I listening to something”, then the play button pops up and I jump a bit.”

via Tabs Out.

Something to tide you over

March 26, 2009

Ironing’s new radio show, “The Sum of Your Life,” is now sharing a free download of the debut broadcast. It’s got one hell of a playlist, as you can see:

Silica-Gel "The Sum Of Your Life" [from CD on Wifflefist]
Sewn Leather "Entertain Me" [from "I Live Like This Cause I Like It" LP on
Yours Records]
Stevie Wonder 45
+ Biz Markie
+ Hal McGee
Lesson Lesson Lessen Relearn [CDr on West Palm Beotch]
+ microcassette recordings
+ Biz Markie
+ Shyheim The Rugged Child
Charlie Mcalister "I'm Gonna Leave This Town" [from self titled
retrospective compilation on Smash The Clock]
+ John Sir Raphael Allen "Eliminate (Dub)" [from 12" on Wild Apache]
+ Repetophile [from "The Durability of the Human Ear" cassette on
Keepbullfighting "Last Man" [from "Preserve" CDr, self released]
+ John Sir Raphael Allen "Eliminate (Dub)" [from 12" on Wild Apache]
+ Aaron Zarzutzki (from one of his day electronics series tapes)
Ironing - JJ Fad tape manipulations
+ John Sir Raphael Allen "Eliminate (Dub)" [from 12" on Wild Apache]
Id M Theft Able [a cdr on Mang-Disc]
+ talking
+ skipping record
DJ Half Time vs. Unknown Shoulder "U Got 2 Slow Down" [from "U Got 2 Slow
Down" on Sounds From The Pocket]
Skullman "Competition" + ??
+ Howard Stelzer "This Map Is A Gift" [from "This Map Is A Gift" CDr on
+ "Sound Fi Dead vol 1" soundclash cdr
+ Palmerforce Two "Street Wars (Dub Mix)" [from "The Bass That Ate Miami"
tape on Pandisc]
+ Tori Amos bleeding through sound fi dead
+ microcassette
Rubbish "Rake" [from "Rake" CDR on Obelisk Sounds]
+ Sound Fi Dead Vol 1 + Tori Amos
+ Poison Posse
+ Id M Theft Able + Jay Z [from self-released tape]
+ Double Trouble "Black Ski Mask" from 45
+ microcassette
+ Poison Posse
+ Shyheim from mix tape
+ Mad Lion from mix tape
+ Breaking the Bank game show record -- from record
+ Repetophile [from "The Durability of the Human Ear" cassette on
+ skipping dancehall
+ Beenie Man "Gimmie" [Demolition Sound vol 2]
+ Elephant Man "Ele Hill" [Demolition Sound vol 2]
+ Lady Saw "Jealous" [Demolition Sound vol 2]
+ microcassette
+ Smurfs
The Ghost's Lounge, live at Apartment Music #1, Gainesville, FL
+ Portugal record
+ Suicidal Tendencies [bits from self-titled tape]
Blue Shift & Oubliette [from "Mock Live" tape on Obelisk Sounds]
Hal McGee & Ironing use cassettes as folk music in Tampa, FL
+ Miami radio recorded to tape at INC 2006
+ Paul Wall record
R.L. Stein [live from "Dawn of a New Grim Age" comp CDR on Breathmint]
Narwhalz [from "Hardcore Beach Crimes" tape on Flish Records]
Valerie Martino & Leslie Keffer [little bits from "Prissywillow" 7" on Tusco
Ironing "Keep Spending Money" [from "Nassau" CDR on Hymns]
Ironing "Before You Lock My Love Away" [from "Nassau" CDR on Hymns]
Ironing "Like What An Asshole" [from "Nassau" CDR on Hymns]
Ironing "You Wasn't Worth My Time" [from "Nassau" CDR on Hymns]

DJ Search, Day 2

March 25, 2009

No takers so far. Looks like this week, I’m coming in early to pick up a bit of the slack. Don’t get me wrong– I dig adding an hour to my show– but I could also use the extra sleep! The worst part is knowing that I’ll be driving into town with nothing unexpected and interesting on the radio. You see, the dirty secret is that when we don’t have a DJ on duty (which is only for a few of these late night/early morning spots) WDBX has to put an mp3 CD in the player. Yecch!

Normally, I’d enjoy listening to whatever DJ happens to be on as I drive to the station. Even if I don’t necessarily dig the music they’re playing, the atmosphere helps me get more in tune with the mood and flow of where the overall broadcast is headed. Good DJing is a bit like a conversation, but you can’t do this with a machine on shuffle.

P.D. Wilder – “f/m”

March 25, 2009

It’s hard to listen to a disc like this and not feel a bit more glad to be alive. Not that P.D. Wilder’s “f/m” is anything like a joyous affair– if anything, Wilder’s in-credits declaration that these tracks were recorded following a winter visit to Fargo, ND make me wonder if the residents need some sort of outreach program. No, it’s more the sort of “glad to be alive” that comes with a brush with danger, creating a combination of mental fatigue and physical exhiliration.

gos41Now, I’m not going to make any huge claims that drone albums with winter weather as an inspiration aren’t rather easy to come by. It’s not even particularly difficult to find ones done well. And while I can’t back it up, it has long been my belief that emulating the sounds of weather was one of the first aims of music– even in these modern times, weather can quickly find us unprepared, and our occasional brush with nature’s awesome power might help us empathize with the fears our ancestors surely experienced at similar events.

Did Wilder see something in Fargo that left a mark? Listening to “f/m,” I’d guess so. A scattering of short, bleak drones surround the album’s core, “Blizzard/Undefined;” the title itself suggesting as much a physical setting as an emotion. For nearly 30 minutes, Wilder churns out an evocative cloud of densely-layered drones and percussive sounds; the wavelike motion of a total whiteout pummeling a lone individual might be an an accurate description here.

After some time, a secondary effect sets in. I best experienced it walking about in my house, letting the various angles of hallways and rooms alter the sound somewhat, like trees in a forest. I opened the windows, and was surprised to see the sun. Although I was in no real danger, this was certainly a cousin to panic. That’s where these weather-and-drone albums really start to separate themselves– does it make you feel cold? Do you need to throw back the curtains and remind yourself of the season? Recommended.

P.D. Wilder’s “f/m” is available through Gears of Sand Recordings as release [gos40].

Don’t believe DaveX? Here’s someone else’s review!

Hotel, Hotel – “The Sad Sea”

March 25, 2009

Texas-based quintet Hotel, Hotel take the schooner out for an unexpectedly long spin in this full-length release from Silber Media. As with their previous efforts, “Over Sea, Under Storm” and “ALLHEROESAREFORVERBOLD;” this disc is an ultra-lush affair– and as an added bonus, the packaging is finally starting to catch up.


Excellent recording quality features throughout. Although the thrum of the propeller engines may be conjured through layered bass and guitar echoes, you’ll never feel like you’re trying to listen to it in a ship’s hold. On the other hand, a bit more of a murky quality might have worked– it’s really more dependent on what the listener thinks Hotel, Hotel was hoping to accomplish. Andrew Liles 2006 release “The Dying Submariner” was far more grim and immediate; whereas “The Sad Sea” seems to chronicle comparable events outside the first-person perspective used in “The Dying Submariner”. Think of your own needs as a listener before rushing out to pick this one up. If you want to be ON the boat, this might not be the right album for you. If you want to watch it’s last journey, and revel as mans’ work succumbs to the sea– well, this is your disc.

“The Sad Sea” is available from Silber Media as release [064]. They’re also cool enough to put “Over Sea, Under Storm” up as a free download.

Think DaveX is full of shit? Read someone else’s review while you suck eggs!

Check it out

March 24, 2009

The Good News: Andrew Chadwick, AKA Ironing, has a radio show! It’s a combo strike of weird sound recordings, microcassettes, and improv manipulation.

The Bad News: You’re two shows behind!

Here’s one to get ya started: “The Sum of Your Life,” episode two, 3/23/09

DJ Search, Day 1

March 23, 2009

As many long-time listeners are aware, “It’s Too Damn Early” has had quite a colorful history in regards to shows preceeding and following its various time slots. Some shows were more of a natural fit than others; it is often surprising to find out what unexpected theme will provide a natural segue in or out of my experimental offerings. I couldn’t now imagine not finishing my broadcast without wondering how my last track might be received by Kids Kamp’s much-younger audience!

But things change rather suddenly in the world of volunteer radio; I’ve seen more than a few well-meaning folks step up to the 2-4 a.m. slot only to rebuffed by exhaustion, ennui, and the nagging feeling that nobody is listening. I won’t lie– it’s a difficult showtime.

But damn, doesn’t anyone want it?

For now, the 2-4 a.m. slot early Saturday morning is vacant, and has been vacant since the end of January. I had hoped that some interesting person might have stepped up to claim it, but it seems I severely overestimated the enthusiasm of potential volunteers. I’ve decided to step up the promotion of this opening, to see if I can find someone willing to fill it.

Some things to know:

1) You gotta love music. Be passionate, be excited, and be ready to share your enthusiasm with your listeners.

2) Ditch your iPod, and your mixtapes– go ahead and bring in a load of CDs, vinyl, tapes, whatever! Make a mess in the studio, and worry about getting everything back into its slipcase later. My hint: always bring three times as much as you’ll need.

3) To hell with “eclectic” shows! Be eclectic on your own time. If you can’t commit to a total theme, at least be thematic on a weekly basis. Nothing is worse than a DJ who tries to hide lazy music selections behind an “eclectic” tag. Focus can be your friend– take the time to really go deep; and bring something listeners can’t get at LastFM, Pandora, or iTunes.

4) If you do it right, it’s fairly hard work. You’re not going to learn everything from glancing at Pitchfork. Write to labels, talk to musicians, go to shows, read blogs and ‘zines! If you’re one of the twelve people listeners could spend their day with, earning that privilege will take more effort than just buying CDs at Amazon.

Here’s what you don’t need:

1) Hipster bullshit. DJing is about sharing, not using music trivia to be better than others. There are worlds of music out there, and its foolish to think (or act) like you know it all. “The love you take is equal to the love you make.”

2) Technical know-how. Some of our best DJs are electronically illiterate. Seriously, I wouldn’t trust a few of them to check e-mail unaided, but they can run one hell of a show. Don’t let a bunch of buttons and faders discourage you from trying this out!

3) A radio voice. Half the time, I sound like a drunken Southern mobster impersonating a gameshow host. The rest of the time, I’m inventing new ways to mangle foreign language titles and getting shocked by the microphone. But I have fun, and I get my point across. I’ve always bet that listeners would rather have good music than a pretty voice, and they’ve yet to prove me wrong.

4) Good looks, fancy clothes, or a shave. I don’t think I’ll much appreciate you sitting in the DJ chair in your birthday suit (in fact, I’ll make you buy us a new chair) but your listeners won’t know the difference. Wanna wear slippers and pajama pants? Your secret is safe with me!

Sound good? Call our station manager, Brian, at 618-529-5900 for the application details. Don’t make me wait!

On the horizon

March 23, 2009

I’ve been hard at work trying to wrangle live guests for this summer’s “It’s Too Damn Early” broadcasts, and I’ve already got a few good bands lined up. The details are still a bit sketchy this far out, but there’s no reason I can’t share my excitement with you now!

Looks like D.B.H. are going to be performing in Mid-May. It’s anyone’s guess as to exactly what sort of instrumentation and line-up to expect, but I’m sure we’ll all be pleasantly surprised.

Locrian are coming down from Chicago sometime this summer– they’re excited, I’m excited– and as soon as I know when you need to be there, I’ll let you know. In the meantime, here’s a good interview with the band.

Quetzalcoatl are coming to town for a house show, at the bidding of ex- “Sweet Action” host Nick; if all goes well, they’ll do a post-show set on-air.

The moral of this post? Don’t make me do all the hard work. If you want to perform on the show, get in touch!

American Band – “Low Fiction”

March 23, 2009

When did noise get some damned complicated? I’ve been sitting here, wondering whether or not I should call this “power noise”– not because I’m all that worried about the precise genre placement of this particular LP, but because there are so many people who ARE. Slapping any label on a release tends to alient half the potential audience, especially in today’s niche-happy post-Napster world.


So let’s just say that American Band’s “Low Fiction” is “powerful” noise. Powerful at times in the classic sense of being overwhelming, and powerful in a literal sense; listeners should get a real physical reaction to tracks like “Stripping,” which features some sort of grinding tool being shoved about in a highly-reverberant environment. “Outnurture,” from the less-controlled B-side of the record, sounds a bit like a more live Merzbow performance; formidable sheets of noise fill every available space.

Personally, I’m more excited about the A-side material. American Band does a good job of balancing the feral quality of these noisy constructions with their own need to get the sounds doing something useful. Too much control, and they’d be domesticated, too little… well, that’s a different sort of album that nearly anyone can make. Temperance lets American Band show off the wild beauty of these sounds, which often retain enough of their original form as to be tantalizingly difficult to identify (for those of us obsessive enough to care.) At least one track had me puzzling about a half-remembered sound, holding my hand out to see if muscle memory could remind me what object created it. A trip to my garage to quickly scan my woodworking tools yielded no clues– this is powerful noise.

“Low Fiction” is available on Hot Releases as catalog number HR009.

Don’t believe DaveX? Here’s someone else’s review!

Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 3/21/09

March 21, 2009

At last! Local filmmaker Alex Ryterski brought in a copy of his noise documentary “Nonexistant,” which contains portions of the interview I mentioned so many months ago. I’m super-excited about having been a part of this, so I’m definitely going to find out if he’ll let me share it with you in some fashion. Until then, I hope you enjoyed the broadcast– you may keep this playlist as a memento of the time we spent together this day.

BTW, did you hear? I played new stuff from Warm Climate AND Hotel, Hotel. Yes, I’m the luckiest music lover on the planet. Both of these releases are terrific, so don’t sleep on them!

Frank Rothkamm — Atari
Frank Rothkamm — Chelsea Girl
Frank Rothkamm — La Vie
Frank Rothkamm — Black in the Sky
Frank Rothkamm — Q
Frank Rothkamm — Roll X Tones
Frank Rothkamm — Vast
Frank Rothkamm — Elvis
Warm Climate — Edible Homes and Gardens
Warm Climate — Synth Pads for Homeless
Sandor Szabo, Kevin Kastning — Hyperbola
Sandor Szabo, Kevin Kastning — Vertex I
Sandor Szabo, Kevin Kastning — Vertex II
15 Degrees Below Zero — Landscape on Film
15 Degrees Below Zero — Westward
Marcelle Deschenes — Lux
Marcelle Deschenes — Les bruit des ailes
Christopher Ariza — Phanopoeiac
Daryl Shawn — Test The Waters
Daryl Shawn — Bad Blood
Daryl Shawn — Autopsy
Peter Swendsen — Tomorrow Will Be 5m 21s Shorter
Daniel Blinkhorn — Grumble(r)
Potpie — Cold Mountain Breakdown
Hotel, Hotel — Mary Celeste
Hotel, Hotel — Equator in the Meantime (Black Sabbath)
Hotel, Hotel — The Shoreline Disappeared
Hotel, Hotel — The Dirac Sea (High Tide)
Hotel, Hotel — The Captain Goes Down With the Ship (Sinking)
Louis Dufort — Gen_3
Louis Dufort — Materio_***
Louis Dufort — Hi_Res

Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 3/14/09

March 14, 2009

I’m back! My self-imposed exile is over, Future DaveX says it’s safe for me to return– I was getting sick of him anyway– what a stereo hog! Anyways, I have a great show for you today, so I’m going to jump right into the playlist.

I guess some folks were fooled by Future DaveX’s cover story about me being in the Bahamas– I was actually inhabiting a 6×6 styrofoam cubicle– because when I got back to WDBX to check my mail, the fine folks at Hymns Records had sent me the latest Ironing disc, “Nassau”. This would have really been an awesome thing to find had I actually been coming back from a cruise to the same place! Better luck next time, guys. Do you have any recordings of styrofoam cubicles? I’m homesick.

Why yes, I DID just play from Zelphabet comps “F” and “G”. If you’re any sort of noise fan whatsoever, you can do yourself no harm (okay, maybe some minor ear bleeding) picking these up. Featuring Fin, Frans De Waard, Francisco Lopez, Government Alpha, Giancarlo Toniutti, and of course GX Jupitter-Larsen, among others…

Jeff Rehnlund sent some new vinyl from Hot Releases, a label/zine he’s running with fellow Boyzone member Ryan Martin. “Gangnam Basement” wouldn’t be out of place on the Hymns label– good field recording soundwork that focuses more on composition and a sense of place than it does on nitpicking the audio quality– in other words, just the sort of thing I like to hear. The second LP, American Band’s “Low Fiction”, is more of a noise assault. I’m guessing power tools are involved, and more than likely a fair amount of abused metal objects. I’m not discounting this one as simple dumb noise though; there’s too much effort here, it just takes a while to focus through the din.

Thought I’d let you know– Frank Rothkamm’s “Genius Is Star Struck” will be making my Best of 2009 list. Better grab it now!

Lee, Jon, Suki, Brian, Tom, Jesse — Untitled (From “Gold Record Studio”)
Sylvia — Untitled (From “Gold Record Studio”)
Zach, Dan, Suki, Michael, Lisa — Untitled (From “Gold Record Studio”)
Ironing — I Wanna Be Just Like You
Ironing — Maybe Next Year
Ironing — If You Go To School You’re Bound To Learn
Ironing — You Know I Love the Ladies
Ironing — I Smile Along With You
Ironing — Disembarking in Nassau
Ironing — Casino 1
Ironing — Casino 2
Ironing — Casino 3
Ironing — Whale Dancing
Ironing — Shopkeepers Argue in the Street
Locrian — Obsolete Elegy in Effluvia and Dross
Locrian — Ghost Repeater
Locrian — Barren Temple Obscured by Contaminated Fogs
Santiago Latorre — Canon
Felix Werder — Banker
Government Alpha — Corrosion Electrolysis
francisco lopez — untitled #210
GX Jupitter-Larsen — Explosion 2008
Frans De Waard — Meet Melt
Chaos Kit  — 5vcpack
Chaos Kit — shell32.dll
Chaos Kit — victor
Chaos Kit — setupapi.doc
Chaos Kit —
Chaos Kit — LPTT$VPN.170
Chaos Kit — iplw7.dll
Chaos Kit — VPTNFILE.170
Chaos Kit — wmp.dll
Chaos Kit — msoeres.dll
Chaos Kit — explorer
Chaos Kit — system.bak
Jeff Rehnlund — Apsa
Jeff Rehnlund — Tiger Tongue
Jeff Rehnlund — Quem
Jeff Rehnlund — Speak
Jeff Rehnlund — Chonghak-ri
Jeff Rehnlund — Inwangsan
American Band — Out Nurture
American Band — Infrastructure
Frank Rothkamm — Atari
Frank Rothkamm — Chelsea Girl
Frank Rothkamm — La Vie
Frank Rothkamm — Black in the Sky
Frank Rothkamm — Q
Frank Rothkamm — Roll X Tones
Frank Rothkamm — Vast
Frank Rothkamm — Elvis
Andre Custodio, Conure — Live, 1/26/09