Did you miss a show?

Here they are, downloadable mp3 versions of every “It’s Too Damn Early” broadcast for 2009 so far. Each file is ripped directly from the WDBX-FM streaming audio, and encoded as an mp3. As always, I offer these to you in the same spirit as the live broadcast themselves– a chance to hear something new, not a replacement for your support of the artists and labels involved. Because these are ripped using a timer, files often begin slightly inside the start of the broadcast. See the linked playlists for these shows at their original liveblogged entries.

I’ll be working through my backlog of 2008 shows that have yet to be uploaded in the next couple days, so keep an eye out for these as well. They’re coming!

1/31/09 — It’s Too Damn Early’s 7th Birthday broadcast! In lieu of a gift, listeners everywhere turn their friends on to STARTLING MONIKER. Features Warm Climate, Bearly Queen, Mystified, Wooden Sherpa, Kim Cascone, and more. (playlist here)

1/24/09— DaveX is wrapped up in two million five hundred thousand tonnes of spinning metal, all alone in the night. Features Armpit, Shelf Life, Bearses, Bob Marsh, and more. (playlist here)

1/17/09— In which our hero subverts the broadcasts of three other radio stations. Features my Top Albums for 2008 picks! (playlist here)

1/10/09— The deaf were healed, but their joy was brief. The 2nd annual MERZ-SHOW! Featuring (work with me here) Merzbow. (playlist here)

1/03/09— DaveX goes bananas, hosts a Vacation Show. Features non-experimental goodness from Confunkshun, Swirlies, Sir Cedric Hardwicke, Neil Young, and more. (no playlist)

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