Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 1/31/09

“It’s Too Damn Early” is seven years old today! My inaugural broadcast under the “ITDE” name (changed from the rather droll “Radio Show For Resume”) kicked off January 31, 2002. Although I don’t remember it too well, the playlist was a bit IDM-heavy for my current tastes– Squarepusher, Kanito, Oval– but nothing too embarrassing there. At the time, OiMa were regular contributors to my broadcast, with their “Prayer Wheel” track featuring as my “Lengthy Selection.” Already, I was making committments to play longer and more immersive tracks. A bit of Sun Ra and the Vandermark 5 closed out the broadcast with jazz… probably not a bad start to seven years!

Today’s broadcast started off with recordings from the Cadavre Esquis compilation/collaboration “Imperfect Silence.” This is volume one, and it’s already a very far-reaching set of improvisation and blending of so many interesting musical ideas– I’m wondering what volume two will sound like! Warm Climate’s “Circle Dub/Regrettable Form” was a nice transition. This is a fairly limited-release for Warm Climate on the Phantom Limb Recordings label. I recommend any and all Warm Climate recordings– I’m not sure this is the best starting point, but if you see it, don’t sleep!

Next up, various tracks from the Wooden Sherpa label. A little while back, this self-described “tiny label from Finland” sent me a compilation– I’m impressed! The Kospel Zeithorn work is especially interesting, and really got me going in an unexpected direction for this week’s broadcast. I knew that Hans Grusel’s Krankenkabinet would be go great afterwards– sort of a straight analog chaser to some of the more psychedelic moments of the Wooden Sherpa disc. I’ll definitely be trying to track down more stuff from both of these!

Right now, I’m playing from the Last Visible Dog release of Fabio Orsi’s “Audio For Lovers.” It’s titled like one of those throwaway LPs from the mid-70’s, but of course, puts a new spin on the idea. It’s a two-disc set, so LVD is helpfully including the entirety of an earlier Students of Decay3 x 3″ CDR set from Fabio Orsi on disc two.

I played from Kim Cascone’s recent “Music For Dagger and Guitar” album, specifically the “Language of Ghosts” track, blending it with some of the Fabio Orsi. This sounded terrific, really leaving much more of an ominous mood than I had originally intended. On the upside, it made getting into Thanos Chrysakis’ “A Scar in the Air” disc a bit less jarring. I haven’t had enough time with this release yet, but my initial impression is that it’s another fine release from Aural Terrains, who have yet to compromise themselves with a poor disc.

Of course, every birthday needs a present. This year, Mystified gives us “Pulse Ringer Pieces,” his first effort for vinyl. Available through Droenhaus, it’s another lovely addition to the ever-expanding Mystified discography. I’m playing Side A today– next week, I’ll play Side B.

Looks like I’m keeping the “Lengthy Selection” idea alive, seven years down the line– Bearly Queen’s “Rainbow’s End?” from Luovaja label is 37 minutes long! This is interesting material, though. Towards the end, there is a kind of audio haze… it’s hard to remember that this is a CD, and not some vintage tape! A great mood-setter.

I really dig the Balloon & Needle label. Such amazing releases, all seemingly quite vital. This is one of my recent favorites, though it is a real challenge for the ears. If you can muster your best attention skills, “Sweet Cuts, Distant Curves” will really pay off.

I’m closing out this birthday broadcast with Don Campu’s “Jungle of Misunderstanding,” playing the title track, which features loops from a variety of Tape Germ artists– Ed Drury, 8th Day Rebellion, M. Nomized, Mental Anguish, International Garbage Man, and Insecta Sonic are all represented here.

As a birthday gift for “It’s Too Damn Early,” take a bit of time this week to send me an e-mail! Let me know what you’re wanting to hear more/less of on the show, and also share your “It’s Too Damn Early” memories. As always, I appreciate your musical submissions, ideas, ‘zines, information, etc. Putting together these shows is fun, but it’s also a lot of hard work– if you know something I should hear, let me know about it!–DaveX

Various — Imperfect Silence, Cadavre Esquis Compilation One
Warm Climate — Rehearsal Repulsive
Kospel Zeithorn — Kukkula 70
Ester Poland — Megrez
Atte Nylppanen — Posetiivari-ilmestys ja koynnoshiippaillija
_______ — . (edit) [DJ note: from Wooden Sherpa label album titled “.” ]
Hans Grusel’s Krankenkabinet — Pulse Widthed Doors
Hans Grusel’s Krankenkabinet — Helitude
Hans Grusel’s Krankenkabinet — Dark Waidung
Hans Grusel’s Krankenkabinet — Autzahlungszeiche
Hans Grusel’s Krankenkabinet — Fanfares
Fabio Orsi — Yesterday Love
Fabio Orsi — Rising Love
Fabio Orsi — Secret Love
Fabio Orsi — Pure Love
Kim Cascone, Kathleen Cascone — The Language of Ghosts (monologue)
Thanos Chrysakis — Inscape 24
Thanos Chrysakis — Inscape 25
Thanos Chrysakis — Inscape 26
Mystified — Phantom Ringer
Mystified — Floaty Ghost
Mystified — Pulse Beyond
Bearly Queen — Rainbow’s End?
Choi Joonyong, Hong Chulki, Sachiko M, Otomo Yoshihide — 3/1
Choi Joonyong, Hong Chulki, Sachiko M, Otomo Yoshihide — 3/2
Don Campau — Jungle of Misunderstanding

7 Responses to “Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 1/31/09”

  1. mystified13 Says:

    Thanks for playing “Pulse Ringer Pieces”!

  2. Don Kosin Says:

    Thanks and happy birthday, but you lost me after the Atte Nylppanen piece. I just don’t get how the rest of this fits in.

  3. bq Says:

    Thanks again! You rock!

  4. Paul Matalonis Says:

    Best Wishes,
    Paul (Light on the Law)

  5. Jaakob Karhu Says:

    Gongrats — and thanks again!

  6. Did you miss a show? « Startling Moniker Says:

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  7. Glenn Weyant Says:

    hey davex congrats on lucky 7!
    you need my wishes like a hole in the head i’m sure but thanks for keeping the airwaves unsafe for conformity and the like.
    and as an aside: love the malty videos on youtube!
    keep em coming.
    glenn weyant de tuxon
    arid zone : a

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