Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 1/24/09

Today’s broadcast starts off with two disappointments:

1) I found one of those large velcro bags designed to keep pizza hot and delicious during delivery in the front room of the station, but it had no pizza inside.

2) Sweet Action Radio host Nick got kicked off the air for violating station policy, and will be joining the pile of lovely shows Southern Illinois will no longer get a chance to hear. It has always been difficult to find any sort of decent show for the slots immediately surrounding mine, so it’s especially disheartening to see the loss of one that was able to make a decent go of it. As so often is the case in Southern Illinois, alcohol played a role– this is a profound disappointment for me, and a loss for WDBX’s listeners. Here’s to hoping that someone more capable will be able to fill this spot soon.

For interested parties, the open slot is from 2-4 a.m Saturday mornings. This is a better slot than you might guess, with a lot of potential listeners.  Contact Brian at 618-529-5090 for details.

I just convinced someone in chat to open the show’s webstream, even though they have no audio output. I told them, “it’s the thought that counts.” Am I trying too hard?

Something else I’m trying: talking a bit more on the air. I decided that I would re-introduce myself to the microphone. We’re comfortable together, but I haven’t usually had a lot to say during the show, often feeling that the music should speak for itself. I’m still not certain where the best balance is, but I’ll find it.

Potpie — Cold Mountain Breakdown
Krzysztof — Descending Moonshine
Armpit — Tron
Armpit — Rainy Room to Room
Armpit w/Morgazm, Torbett, Abnu — Whisky Bottle (Live @ Special Olympics Party)
Armpit — You & I
Armpit w/ Stfn Nvll — Hung Burning (Live @ Empire 98)
Dan Warburton — Al-Dhahiira
Dan Warburton — Al-Masaa
Shelf Life — Protection
Shelf Life — Pink A
Shelf Life — (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, )
Shelf Life — protection
Bob Marsh, Bryan Day — Cut Up
Bob Marsh, Zz Brr — Memoreight
Bob Marsh, Arg — Jumping on Eight
Bob Marsh — Eight
Daryl Shawn — Heat Sink
Daryl Shawn — Test the Waters
Bearses — The Prettiest Girl I Ever Saw (excerpt)
RP Collier — New Prong City
Tim Reed — Tracings
Tim Reed — The Point
Croatan Ensemble — The World Ending in a Festival of Light
Croatan Ensemble — Concentration Camps
Vanessa Rossetto — Found Rabbit

3 Responses to “Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 1/24/09”

  1. James McKain Says:

    Oh, Nick. I’m not going to ask what policy he violated; I’d like that gap to be filled by the furthest reachest of my imagination.

  2. NICK Says:

    Dave, If you had never sold me that mescaline and given me that handle of Ezra Brooks I would still bee on the air. And still have a Job. And still have at least one pair of clean undergarments. And still not have to admit that I was gay.

    Basically, you changed my life and I want to thank you by giving you the clap.

  3. NICK Says:

    Here’s to hoping that someone LESS AWESOME will be able to fill this spot soon”
    LESS AWESOME was the phrase we needed there. No you can’t by a vowel.
    Or any more pot from my cousin. He got beef with you dawg.

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