Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 1/17/09

Happy birthday, Art! Here’s to another million-ish years!

Today’s broadcast is going to be great. Not only am I playing from my list of top releases for 2008, but I’m going to be working through a ton of new releases as well.

Ha! Right now, I am trying to convince someone at an AM station KLBJ-AM to add WDBX into their live mix… I’m adding them right now to ours… trying to make a giant radio loop. Also, just added in WPTF-AM… and WTIC-AM. What a blast!

As it turns out, Mama C (of WDBX-FM’s “Kids Kamp” and “Camp Festus”) heard at least ONE MORE station, a local Jesus-channel blending in at the edge of our station’s range. Hooray for serendipity!

Mooey Moobau — Love Bloody Love Food Sewer Food
Mooey Moobau — Trap Door
Mooey Moobau — “and that may be who hell is for”
Frederique Bruyas — Poem Choisi in Pan, Editions POL
Frederique Bruyas — Poemes-Chorus in Mexico City Blues, Christian Bourgois Editeur
Warm Climate — Snake Procession
Warm Climate — 19th Century Blessings
LX Rudis — Audible Method 1.43 (excerpt)
Eddie the Rat — Lela, My Familiar
George Korein — Pulsing Corpse
George Korein — Rotodrone Encroaching!
Emil Beaulieau — theE lEttEr E
Cristopher Cichocki — Elemental Shift (excerpt)
Glenn Weyant — Queen Bees and Blue Dots
Annea Lockwood — Fridingen to Ulm
Jess Rowland — We Are Faced With A Choice About the Future of the Machines
Frank Rothkamm — Kris Kristofferson of the Avant-garde
Frank Rothkamm — The Irvine Master Plan
Frank Rothkamm — California Pink-a-Pades
Nole Plastique — In Things Around
Nole Plastique — Fantastic Yellow and Grey

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