Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 12/27/08

Today’s show started with some miniature controversy. Apparently yet another of my flyers has raised the ire of the Southern Illinois Art Gestapo, the loosely-connected but firmly head-planted elite corps of yokels intent on being offended by… well, any number of small things. Today’s infraction was my most recent flyer, which I created from some of the promotional mail I received last month. The original drawing depicts a simplified cartoon person pointing to a hole in their head, with the dialogue: “I got this one in Vietnam.”

Not exactly intense graphic violence, this. Rather, it’s more along the elementary lines of Matt Groening’s “Life in Hell,” or maybe even a quick notebook doodle. A college of random older people posing for catalog ads covers the lower right portion of the half-sheet flyer, along with my show’s information. Terrible, isn’t it?

That’s what real-life troll “Jim D.” seems to think. He wrote me this note, and put it in my mailbox:

“ITDE– Saw your poster in the studio. Funny. Why don’t you take it to the VA, or a local bar or homeless shelter, find a Vietnam vet and ask him if he/she thinks it’s funny. Jim D.”

Well, Jim. I don’t think it’s funny either. But then again, I wasn’t trying to be funny. I was trying to re-use some fairly interesting artwork that happened along in a new way. I’ve been doing it for a while, mostly because I can’t draw for beans. I do find it interesting that you suggest military hospitals, bars, and homeless shelters as a place to check the quality of my second-hand art AND find veterans. You will be surprised to learn that bar patrons and those seeking medical services are often uninterested in what I stick to the bottom corner of a corkboard inside a radio station, but I’ll try out your suggestion regarding the homeless– perhaps their long-standing role as watchdogs of the art community will come in handy.

Also, please be advised that I have added a postscript to your letter, so future readers won’t be confused: “P.S.– Your show ROX!!!”

Thanks, Jim. Enjoy your playlist!

Just so I don’t become completely defunct, I decided to try out something new for this week’s broadcast– I’m playing some tracks more than once, bring them back in unexpected places, and generally making a mockery of the expected one-after-another routine that playlists often follow. The idea of a fractured broadcast, mirroring or echoing itself, is truly appealing and will definitely be something to explore in the next few episodes. Stay tuned!

Henri Chopin — French Lesson
Nicholas Szczepanik — Sundry 1
Nicholas Szczepanik — Sundry 2
BTong — Hands Up: Who Wants To Die?
BTong — Tu Me Degoute!
Optical 8 — Cripples and Kings
Mike Tamburo — Something About the Prison You Will Die In
Sabrina Siegel — Sisyphus
Sabrina Siegel — Protest
LX Rudis — Audible Method 1.43 (looong excerpt)
Torturing Nurse — You Are My Jonky
Henri Chopin — Dynamisme Integral
Glenn Weyant/Sonic Anta — All Souls
A_dontigny, Diane Labrosse — Antenne Parabolique
A_dontigny, Diane Labrosse — Photo Satellite
BTong — Fahrenheit… What Fahrenheit?

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