Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 11/29/08

I’m starting off this week’s broadcast with a long set of Grey Park, from what they’ve described as their first “real CD”. It’s still not listed on the Planned Confusion label website, but it’s #10 in their catalog if you’re interested. The label name is pretty accurate– I have five titles listed on the inner cover, and three tracks. Ah, those crazy Fins!

Now I’m on to some Matt Weston. And hey, it’s from one of those minidiscs I didn’t like all that much the first time around, “Resistance Cruisers.” As it turns out, I just needed a bit more frame of reference for what Weston was actually doing, some way of understanding his music that I didn’t yet possess. They’re sounding a lot better lately, so I figured I’d get ’em on the show.

Currently playing the first track, “Willow Piece,” from Off the Sky’s “Creek Caught Fire”. This disc is out on one of my very favorite labels, The Land Of, which it seems I am constantly recommending. For this disc, Off the Sky’s Jason Corder gathered a wide variety of data on an area of the Appalachians, data which was then utilised to drive and modify various sounds which otherwise have no obvious aural connection to the landscape. Appalachians as envelope, I guess you might say. Although I’m enjoying it, my gut feeling is that this album would have been even more interesting had it employed natural sounds gathered from the same location, but perhaps this method was discarded for some good reason I have yet to discover.

In the next few weeks, I am going to be playing a lot more electroacoustic compositions, especially works featured on the Empreintes Digitales label. I’ve been working on it for a while, but it looks like I finally have a functional DVD player that I can donate to WDBX-FM, which is a growing necessity given the amount of DVD-based promo material I have been receiving in the past months. With a little work, I’m hoping to host another “screening,” perhaps in the coming month… I’ve got some Cristopher Cichocki material that needs to be seen as well as heard!!

For now, I’m going to play this Theodore Lotis disc, “Epoque de l’eau”. I wouldn’t mind hearing his take on the Off the Sky disc I played just prior– might make for an interesting comparison, especially both artists’ use of spacial placement of sound. Damn, now I really want to play some of Robert Dow‘s work! If I’m lucky, he has something appropriate posted on his webpage– be back in a minute after I check!

Errr… all Dow has is “extracts,” yuck. That’s not helping anybody! Maybe next week, eh? Poor me, I can’t carry it all to the station, haha.

Grey Park — Carpenter
Grey Park — Drunk Tank
Grey Park — Buddha
Matt Weston — It’s Your Career
Off the Sky — Willow Piece
Off the Sky — Red River
Off the Sky — Safety Snake Hole
Off the Sky — Still Wisher
Off the Sky — Clound Spotting
Off the Sky — Phaelous Yonice
Off the Sky — Tunnel Art
Off the Sky — Heart of Midlight
Theodore Lotis — Arioso Dolente / Beethoven Op. 110
Theodore Lotis — A South Wind Will Bring the Sand
Theodore Lotis — Underwater Theories
Theodore Lotis — Sibylla’s Voice
Theodore Lotis — Shadows

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