Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 11/22/08

I decided to start tonight’s broadcast with some older material, and figure out what direction the show might take from there. The last-minute choice was Peter Wright, from the lovely three-disc set “Pariahs Sing On,” from Last Visible Dog. Seems like that label dropped me from their promo list some time ago… I suppose I better write and find out why, eh? It’s actually too bad, because they were just starting to get some really good avant-garde releases coming out on a more regular basis.

In truth, the next selection (this being the Arrington de Dionyso disc “I See Beyond the Black Sun”) could have been an LVD release– even the cover art reminds me of it, perhaps “The Feral Blood fo Swagger Jack”? However, this is on K Records, who unexpectedly sent me a promo copy this last week. Gotta admit, not a label I usually pay much attention to, personally… let’s see how this unlikely relationship plays out.

If you’re still listening, you’ll know that I’ve moved on. Kim Cascone has a new disc, “Music for Dagger and Guitar.” I’m not hearing the dagger or the guitar much, and there’s a distinct lack of liner notes… Still, the music is rather engaging, despite the semi-regular occurrence of abrupt cut-outs and extended periods of silence riddling the main work. It’s a needlessly irritating quality that I would be inclined to chalk up to Cascone’s inability to sit still if it wasn’t for the well-wrought detail evident in each assemblage. Fun to listen to, but I’d love a bit more of a connection to this music. Like many of his other works (and I’m thinking most about “Statistically Improbable Phrases” here) the music inspires me to get closer, but I’ve yet to find a way in.

Where Cascone apparently collected his sounds from the meatspace world, the Cadavre Esquis compilation “Imperfect Silence” has performed a similar task in the digital world, utilising sounds gathered from the Cadavre Esquis music-collab site to create a “personal journey” within the sounds. It’s an interesting concept, taking the now-ubiquitous composition-by-mail technique one step further– something like field recording on the net, don’t you think?

Lovely Music recently re-issued the 1982 “Blue” Gene Tyranny LP “The Intermediary,” which also confronts the task of a composer utilizing sounds at hand, albeit more immediately, through a computer setup re-interpreting the performer’s input and re-introducing it into the overall mix in unexpected ways. The result is Tyranny in a middleman partnership between the listener and the machine, both reacting to the changed output with new musical gestures and guiding them as possible.

It’s nice to see that this week’s broadcast developed a theme after all!

Peter Wright — Strumming Rotunda
Arrington de Dionyso — All Is On!
Arrington de Dionyso — AION (intuition and science)
Kim Cascone — Music for Dagger and Guitar
Cadavre Esquis — Imperfect Silence, pt.1
“Blue” Gene Tyranny — The Intermediary, A
“Blue” Gene Tyranny — The Intermediary, B
Ester Poland — Sateenvarjo

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