Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 11/1/08

As far as I’m concerned, it’s still Halloween until the sun comes up. The whole “darkest before the dawn” thing applies, don’t you think? In honor of the night, and as a companion during our charge towards the day, I have decided to fill this week’s broadcast with themes of fear– directly or indirectly, influenced by fear or conjuring it in some way– each composition represents different aspects of the theme.

Ordinarily, I would do my usual “scary sounds” broadcast, filled with frightening noises (and noise!) of all sorts. But that’s “terror,” and not entirely the same as fear. Instead, I’ve decided to focus on more common fears… dying alone, politics, fear of others, stress, paranoia, loss of self, drowning, dementia, abandonment, loss of love, being unable to communicate. I could keep going with this theme, because it’s been an interesting broadcast, but I’m out of time! Perhaps I’ll pick this up next week. Be sure to let me know if you heard something you enjoyed.

Conure — Some Vowed Abstinence
Will Grant — Preamble
Danielle Palardy Roger — Nnaaaooon
Danielle Palardy Roger — Seule son ame / Litanies
Diamanda Galas — Les Litanies du Satan, pt. I/II
Robert Ashley — Foreign Experiences, The Coyote
Robert Ashley — Foreign Experiences, Eagle Tearing Hearts Out of Chests
Stefan Kozminchuk — The Mind is the Voice
Absolut Null Punkt — Absolute Magnitude 3
blackhumour — and do what/control
OiMa vs. DaveX — Oat
Andrew Liles — The Dead Submariner, Part III
Alan Courtis — Cardamomo

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