Something like commentary?

Today’s show started off rather strangely, with me somehow managing to arrive exactly one hour early. For those of you who frequent the late night/early morn, you’ll understand how one hour of ITDE time is the equivalent of four hours of normal time– in other words, I was pretty fried following the broadcast!

Sweet Action was being covered by one of Carbondale’s bright lights, Tom Vasilj, so I had some lovely Coltrane to roll into town on… and more importantly, some stimulating conversation as well. Tom was happy to fill me in on some of what I missed from this year’s NoiseFeSTL, and I got to pick his brain about film. Unfortunately, I wasn’t very good about keeping a playlist this time around.

Last week, Pete Martin wondered if I’d be so kind as to play his “March of the Haydevil” suite from his latest Edgetone release “Out Behind the 8-ball”. Being the sort who is quite fond of Eddie the Rat, I happily obliged. This disc has been through many repeats at my home, so it really needed a spin in some fresher air. I followed up with a healthy dose of Mooey Moobau’s “Love Bloody Love Food Sewer Food,” which is something like the word-salad lovechild of Sarah Palin and Lee Scratch Perry. Weird stuff, but enjoyable.

Not to let Mooey’s dictio-fuckery go unnoticed, I later proceeded to air great portions of COMA’s “Big Words” album (their third for Edgetone) as a vivid example to all those who allow their thesaurus to engage in unprotected in instrumental excursions. “ITDE” fave John Vaughn holds his portion of the trio down with some squirrely electronics work here, so it’s a bit well worth hearing.

In other news, winter is coming up soon. My usual dread of the snowy season is encroaching upon my otherwise-nifty autumn, but I’m trying to see something positive about it– perhaps an excuse to stay indoors and renew my blogging vows, haha. My blood-writ signature in exchange for promos may have been a tad rash, but as they keep coming, I suppose I’d better get back into the reviewing chair, eh? Furthermore, I have been thinking about adding a visual component to “It’s Too Damn Early”… perhaps in the form of a monthly film screening. With the occasional experimental music DVD release coming my way becoming more of a regular occurence, this seems like a natural way for the show to expand. If you’ve got anything worth sharing, do consider sending a copy in for viewer edification!

Until next week, take care. –DaveX

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