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October 25, 2008

Today’s show started off rather strangely, with me somehow managing to arrive exactly one hour early. For those of you who frequent the late night/early morn, you’ll understand how one hour of ITDE time is the equivalent of four hours of normal time– in other words, I was pretty fried following the broadcast!

Sweet Action was being covered by one of Carbondale’s bright lights, Tom Vasilj, so I had some lovely Coltrane to roll into town on… and more importantly, some stimulating conversation as well. Tom was happy to fill me in on some of what I missed from this year’s NoiseFeSTL, and I got to pick his brain about film. Unfortunately, I wasn’t very good about keeping a playlist this time around.

Last week, Pete Martin wondered if I’d be so kind as to play his “March of the Haydevil” suite from his latest Edgetone release “Out Behind the 8-ball”. Being the sort who is quite fond of Eddie the Rat, I happily obliged. This disc has been through many repeats at my home, so it really needed a spin in some fresher air. I followed up with a healthy dose of Mooey Moobau’s “Love Bloody Love Food Sewer Food,” which is something like the word-salad lovechild of Sarah Palin and Lee Scratch Perry. Weird stuff, but enjoyable.

Not to let Mooey’s dictio-fuckery go unnoticed, I later proceeded to air great portions of COMA’s “Big Words” album (their third for Edgetone) as a vivid example to all those who allow their thesaurus to engage in unprotected in instrumental excursions. “ITDE” fave John Vaughn holds his portion of the trio down with some squirrely electronics work here, so it’s a bit well worth hearing.

In other news, winter is coming up soon. My usual dread of the snowy season is encroaching upon my otherwise-nifty autumn, but I’m trying to see something positive about it– perhaps an excuse to stay indoors and renew my blogging vows, haha. My blood-writ signature in exchange for promos may have been a tad rash, but as they keep coming, I suppose I’d better get back into the reviewing chair, eh? Furthermore, I have been thinking about adding a visual component to “It’s Too Damn Early”… perhaps in the form of a monthly film screening. With the occasional experimental music DVD release coming my way becoming more of a regular occurence, this seems like a natural way for the show to expand. If you’ve got anything worth sharing, do consider sending a copy in for viewer edification!

Until next week, take care. –DaveX

Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 10/18/08

October 18, 2008

So now it’s official– I’m definitely back for good. I know some of you were holding your breath, wondering if I’d make good on leaving after Oct 11th, but I had too much fun with that broadcast to not stick around and sign up for next year’s. I’ll yak more about how everything went (and what exactly occurred) once I get more of the pix and video back.

Until then, let’s deal with today’s broadcast, eh? I started off with one of my new favorite albums, Jess Rowland’s “The Problem With the Soda Machine,” on Edgetone Records. This album is fantastic, and I’ve been listening to it quite a bit. There’s enough accessability here to attract a number of positive remarks from various callers, but still a healthy experimental basis– it’s not every day that lyrics come fully from internal company e-mails, haha. Actually, Edgetone has been really good to me this last week, with a nice big care package having come my way. I’m still working through it… believe it or not, some Jimi Hendrix boots crossed my path, which slowed my progress considerably. I’m kind of a sucker for mono Jimi. And do I dare mention the Martin Denny? Let’s just say that it’s a side-effect of moving into a very retro ranch-style house– you have to start playing exotica LPs and savoring the rich flavor of a very different American dream. And of course, there’s a lot of experimental qualities to these early stereo outings as well– I’m compelled to wonder about an alternate timeline where experimentation in music took a serious branch at Martin Denny, Les Baxter, and Enoch Light…

Anyways, I’m playing Ministry of Rites “Grid” right now– not exotica by any means, unless you’re substituting radio squggles for the jungle animals, and shimmering blankets of electronic tone for the omnipresent chime tree! This disc is another of the Edgetone releases, featuring Rent Romus and Tobias Fischer. I think CJ Borosque would have made an interesting addition on some of these tracks as well– or hey, while I’m dreaming out loud, how about bringing Lx Rudis, Andre Custodio and Ernesto Diaz-Infante onboard for a supergroup? Call it “Crashing the Russian Ministry,” hahahahahahahaha

Alrighty, on to more Edgetone-love. Yep, you knew it would finally have to happen… I had to whip out some of my favorite, Eddie the Rat. “Out Behind the 8-Ball,” is tons of Pete Martin fun as expected. Sweet Action’s Brazilian co-host would dig a lot of the Rat’s polyrhythms, but he’s currently absconded to the back yard for conversation and cigarettes– his loss!

Jess Rowland — The Future of the Machines
Jess Rowland — The Problem With the Soda Machine
Jess Rowland — Unwrapping Invocation
Jess Rowland — Remove the Vending Machines (But Not Their Contents)
Jess Rowland — Unwrapping, pt.1
Ministry of Rites — Nightlight
Ministry of Rites — Saturnine Shores
Eddie the Rat — Out Behind the 8-Ball
Eddie the Rat — Pete Townsend is my Dad
Eddie the Rat — (Once Again, This Time Around the) Anhedonia Blooze
Olly Wilson, Thomas Fosnocht — Piano Piece
Gary Lee Nelson — Jabber
Damion Romero — Missed Offerings
Daniel Menche — Grand Perpetuator
Dave Phillips — Recycling
Matt Weston — Transistor Radio

Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 10/4/08

October 4, 2008

You can all breathe easy– I’m going to keep doing “It’s Too Damn Early.” I had a low spot there, and things were close, but I decided after last week’s set that things felt right for continuing. I got a fun surprise today… an e-mail from Sonore Records informing me of their 10th anniversary. Although “It’s Too Damn Early” isn’t quite ten years old, that does mean my broadcasting history is– Sonore Records were among the very first to send me promotional recordings. I suppose that’s kind of nifty to think about.

I’ve played from a couple 3″ discs this morning– a lovely little Coin Gutter disc on Vanity Records, as well as some new (to me, that is) Ironing stuff, “The End of the Jackson Party.” Ironing actually sent along a few little buttons in his DJ care package. My daughter ended up gladly adding one featuring a large-mouthed cartoon man to her collection. “Just tell people it’s for a very cool dude from Florida called Ironing,” I said.

Ruins — Warrido
Ruins — Quopern
Morceaux de Machines — Multivision Espacial
Andrew Liles — The Dying Submariner, Part I
Andrew Liles — The Dying Submariner, Part II
Andrew Liles — The Dying Submariner, Part III
Coin Gutter — Everyone Else Was Two
Matt Weston — “Millions of Yeah”
Ironing — The End of the Salsa Party
Ironing — Point of No Return
Ironing — Sear
Ironing — Peel
Ironing — Tender Eyes
Ironing — Jackson Party
If, Bwana –- Xyloxings
Noah Creshevsky -– Shadow of a Doubt
Noah Creshevsky -– Favorite Encores
Noah Creshevsky -– Intrada
If, Bwana –- Cicada #4Version Barnard