A lil’ update

Nope, I’m not dead. Just getting towards the final bit of moving– so there’s boxes everywhere, and it looks like my house exploded. I moved a piano yesterday, downstairs, all by myself… so you can imagine how worn out I am right now. Expect me back into broadcasting your favorite experimental music on the 27th on this month. I’ve got tons of material lined up. 

Oddly enough, I dreamed I had to pick up Cat Rider from the St. Louis airport last night. Nevermind the fact that I’ve never met anyone from Cat Rider, but I still woke up feeling terrible– I may have to write to them and apologize, haha! 

I’m also on a huge David Byrne kick right now. I’ve liked Brian Eno’s work since forever, but I’ve always kept David Byrne pushed aside as much as possible until I could really dig a lot of his work at once. Now I’m enjoying… well, everything. Next, it will be time to re-visit the Talking Heads. This will wait until I’m in the new house though: just two days until move-in! 

Until I post pix, I thought I’d share a little something I whipped up: a “remix” of an American Legion WWII-era poster I found interesting. BoingBoing had linked to this amazing collection of wartime posters earlier today, an area of graphic design I often find quite fascinating. This one is not exactly my favorite, but it begged for a quick photoshopping. Click my version to see the original. Enjoy!

One Response to “A lil’ update”

  1. BobC Says:

    Most excellent photo hack/repurpose!

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