Metallica’s “Death Magnetic” leaked

Was there any doubt this would happen? Without admitting any guilt, let’s just say I’m quite happy this evening, with all the DaveX neurons (both teen AND music freak grownup) firing away. But don’t worry guys… I’ll be buying this one as soon as it hits my local store.

Rick Rubin, whatever it is that you do, keep doing it. You kicked my ass with new Cash, Neil Diamond, and now Metallica. THANK YOU!!!!

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10 Responses to “Metallica’s “Death Magnetic” leaked”

  1. pandaemon666 Says:

    i just heard a few songs from the new album and its awesome! cant wait for it to hit stores!

    i see it as a strong comeback by metallica. the only complaint i have is that the production sounds too low-fi. especially the drum sound. the new megadeth album had a 10x better production

  2. startlingmoniker Says:

    Of course, you’re most likely listening to an mp3 as well. Despite what you may have been told, this represents a significant loss of audible data.

  3. Þorsteinn Says:

    I won’t be downloading it, I want to wait for it to hit the stores. As if you are a true metallica fan you would do the same.

  4. metalfan Says:

    Metallica can never innovate again. They’re too old to come up with awesome sounds. It basically started going down with Black Album, which was commercial nevertheless but started sounding like everything else. Every single song on Death Magnetic sucks.

  5. startlingmoniker Says:

    Too old? Apparently, you’re not familiar with Pauline Oliveros, Derek Bailey, or Henri Chopin! Thanks for reading.

  6. Miguel Says:

    “As if you are a true metallica fan you would do the same.”

    What? So i have already downloaded the album and i’m still gonna buy it on september 12th. What does that make me?
    An anxious false metallica fan?

  7. pandaemon666 Says:

    dude, ive heard a lot of mp3s lol but i can honestly say that the loss of audible data has never been so much as here.

    anyway, cant wait to get teh album

  8. startlingmoniker Says:

    Spoken like a “true Metallica fan” haha

  9. DOZER Says:

    man this album blows. the guitar is very good but stupid james is still trying to sing melody. he sucks!! this album sucks because of him

  10. Graeme Says:

    “Apparently, you’re not familiar with Pauline Oliveros, Derek Bailey, or Henri Chopin!”

    Derek Bailey and Henri Chopin are both dead though!

    I saw Henri Chopin in 2005 (I think) and even though he was looking–and probably was–very frail, he was still making awesome sounds.

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