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I’m back– but maybe not for long

September 27, 2008

I’m back, but I am rather muddled right now– not sure what I want to do with my radio show right now. Up until this past week, my every intention has been to hold on until I’m too old and feeble to make it in to the station, but lately I’ve felt the call of a different idea… quitting entirely. I’m not exactly sure what has brought me to this point, and I don’t yet know what I’ll actually end up doing, so there’s no need to worry just yet.

In a nutshell, doing radio right is demanding work. There’s zillions of artists and labels to research, scores of new releases each day, playlists to type, broadcasts to archive, downloads to create, promotions, projects, liveblogging, myspacing, organizing live sets, maintaining an ever-growing collection of recordings of every conceivable shape and size, and physically performing the show each week. I’ve been doing this at WDBX-FM since early 2002, and I’m simply tired out.

My ability to maintain social relationships of any sort has always been fairly weak and lately, I’ve been feeling increased obligation to the many many of you who not only listen to my show broadcasts, but generously provide recordings for use on-air. At this point in time, I can truly state that I receive enough material to produce several weekly broadcasts. My nature as a perfectionist almost demands that I make greater use of this opportunity, but I am at an impasse as to how to proceed– do I continue to allow the show to grow despite the increasing burden it presents, or do I kill it?

At present, I have set myself something of a deadline. October 11th is the cutoff. As I have live guests (not to mention fascinating radio actions) planned for that date, I will not cease broadcasting at least until after this date– if I continue, I may make some changes… it’s all very up in the air. For now, my only certainly regarding “It’s Too Damn Early” is this playlist:

Coin Gutter — Zero Article
Coin Gutter — Third Conditional
Coin Gutter — Anadiplosismeiosis
Coin Gutter — Antimetabole
Coin Gutter — Unvoiced Fricative
Coin Gutter — Locution
Mooey Moobau — Love Bloody Love Food Sewer Food
Mooey Moobau — Trap Door
Mooey Moobau — “And that May Be Who Hell Is For”
Mooey Moobau — Friends Who Are Fathers
Merzbow — Bariken
Don Rainwater — Untitled
Mystified — Sporadic Signal
Mystified — Clash Bump
Mystified — Time to Rumble
Mystified — Crunch Drone
Mystified — Sunspots
Mystified — Disappear 3
Big China & Little Trouble — I Shall Marry Them Both
Big China & Little Troble — You Really Believe in Magic?
Ross Bolleter — Piano Dreaming
Hoppy Kamiyama/Optical 8 — Fresh for the Jet Set
Alexander Scriabin — Opus 8, Tempestoso
Lotus Village Plan — The Universe

A lil’ update

September 17, 2008

Nope, I’m not dead. Just getting towards the final bit of moving– so there’s boxes everywhere, and it looks like my house exploded. I moved a piano yesterday, downstairs, all by myself… so you can imagine how worn out I am right now. Expect me back into broadcasting your favorite experimental music on the 27th on this month. I’ve got tons of material lined up. 

Oddly enough, I dreamed I had to pick up Cat Rider from the St. Louis airport last night. Nevermind the fact that I’ve never met anyone from Cat Rider, but I still woke up feeling terrible– I may have to write to them and apologize, haha! 

I’m also on a huge David Byrne kick right now. I’ve liked Brian Eno’s work since forever, but I’ve always kept David Byrne pushed aside as much as possible until I could really dig a lot of his work at once. Now I’m enjoying… well, everything. Next, it will be time to re-visit the Talking Heads. This will wait until I’m in the new house though: just two days until move-in! 

Until I post pix, I thought I’d share a little something I whipped up: a “remix” of an American Legion WWII-era poster I found interesting. BoingBoing had linked to this amazing collection of wartime posters earlier today, an area of graphic design I often find quite fascinating. This one is not exactly my favorite, but it begged for a quick photoshopping. Click my version to see the original. Enjoy!

Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 9/6/08

September 6, 2008

Tonight should be a rather strange show. I’ve decided to take a good portion of the broadcast, and use it for trying out some technical and musical ideas I’m hoping to employ on October 11th, during my small portion of the Chicago Calling Arts Festival. Because they’re ideas that relate to transmitting radio, I can’t really work them out elsewhere… so you get to hear my noisy randomness this morning!

Don’t everyone cheer at once.

Speaking of Chicago Calling, our first playlist honoree (i.e., Matt Weston) for today will actually be in the studio on the 11th as well. He’ll be fresh from an evening set at Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center, so it should be interesting to see how his sound changes from late night to early morning, don’t you think?

Update: Things ended up going very well. I haven’t yet ironed out all the kinks of my ideas just yet, but I have proof that they work in a basic setup– now I have to get more into the nuts and bolts of this, and see how far I can take things. Sorry about the playlist not being finished until just now, I wasn’t feeling very well this morning. As for a recording, this show was subject to yet another failed recording. I desperately need a workable solution to the ongoing problem of recording my 2.5-hour long shows. I prefer that the finished recording be in an mp3 format, so I can avoid the problem of ripping/purchasing audio discs for each show. If anyone has great ideas, I’d love to hear them!

Matt Weston — Home of the Railsplitters
Torturing Nurse — Eft
BKPR — Pretend
Hal McGee — Beagle and Dachshund
Wether — Spoken in German
Warm Climate — 19th Century Blessings
Warm Climate — Multiplier’s Post
Warm Climate — Ponderosa
Warm Climate — …At Ernesto’s House?
Warm Climate — Boxcutter (Legs That Kill)
Warm Climate — Bricklayer (into) Goldminer
Warm Climate — Can’t Forget to Know You
Warm Climate — Mr. Madagascar’s Dried Copper Smile
Warm Climate — Snake Procession
Ratchet Orchestra — Live at the Sala Rossa, November 28, 2007
Moljebka Pvlse — Ghost Fire (excerpt)

Metallica’s “Death Magnetic” leaked

September 2, 2008

Was there any doubt this would happen? Without admitting any guilt, let’s just say I’m quite happy this evening, with all the DaveX neurons (both teen AND music freak grownup) firing away. But don’t worry guys… I’ll be buying this one as soon as it hits my local store.

Rick Rubin, whatever it is that you do, keep doing it. You kicked my ass with new Cash, Neil Diamond, and now Metallica. THANK YOU!!!!