Everyone likes free stuff, right?

In lieu of another review today, here’s something you can download and enjoy for free. Who needs someone always pointing out awesome music to buy when you’re just trying to eat, anyhow?

Today’s freebie was recorded earlier this month, during Dan Godston and Eric Glick Rieman’s live set at WDBX-FM. As guests of my show, they turned out a wonderful 60 minutes of improvisation– a set made briefly even more fascinating when some local birds decided to fly in the door to dig on the music.

For your immediate gratification, here are separate links for the audio and video recordings of the performance. Please note that due to Glick Rieman’s instrument being electronic, the video actually captures acoustic sounds not heard by radio listeners, as these were being sent directly to a mixer in master control.

Two takes on the same set. Enjoy, and be sure to leave a comment!

Here’s the audio of the show:

Dan Godston, Eric Glick Rieman – Live at WDBX-FM, “It’s Too Damn Early,” 8/9/08

And the video:

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