GRKZGL – “C’est de la Marde”

I suppose the title should stand. It is shit– just three tracks of “harsh” noise indistinguishable from practically anyone else toiling in the increasingly narrow confines of the genre. GRKZGL is loud, busy, and wading about in deleriously distorted sounds– but for anyone who remembers his earlier release “Esque” on the Angle Rec label, “C’est de la Marde” is just the noise made by GRKZGL setting the bar a bit low.

Although I fully recognize that the sheer number of available recordings is one aspect of noise, (it’s just another type of volume, see?) this definitely isn’t where I’d want a new listener to start with this artist. For all of releasing label Brise-Cul’s hype that “C’est de la Marde” is “so harsh that it is ridiculous,” and “so meticulously recorded and mastered” the noise genre remains a game of limits, not unlike speed metal. These bold statements invite listeners to make comparisons, with the result that “C’est de la Marde” doesn’t stand in any such category.

Brise-Cul, having over 100 releases, should know better. Like DJs, the folks who run labels get a birds-eye view of music the public isn’t afforded– turning out some old spray-painted CDR that sticks to its cheap plastic slipcase and turns over no new ground is an abuse of the buyers’ goodwill, and hardly serves to do anything but falsely inflate the artist and leave much of the label’s catalog suspect as well.

It’s bad enough that experimental artists relying on CDR labels will have tremendous amounts of product spread across innumerable imprints and still receive little more than a handful of copies to sell on tour, but when these labels neglect their responsibility to help positively shape the music they love, we all lose something.

GRKZGL’s “C’est de la Marde” isn’t the only example of this, and by no means is Brise-Cul the worst offending label. Still, we’d deserve whatever we get if these sorts of things weren’t pointed out.

“C’est de la Marde” is available as the sixth installment of Brise-Cul Records‘ “Red Series.”

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9 Responses to “GRKZGL – “C’est de la Marde””

  1. Simon Says:

    Full disclosure: I am friends with both Brise Cul’s head and Grkzgl.

    I am not sure I understand you point here. First of all, have you ever looked at Grkzgl’s discography? The guy doesn’t have “tremendous amounts of product spread across innumerable imprints”, he barely releases one or two releases a year, this is not Wolf Eyes and their related projects releasing every jam they do. Second, if you’d actually looked at Brise Cul’s releases, more than just this one, you’d see a label with a consistent aesthetic, the clear vinyl slipcase, spraypaint CDR and cardboard insert is no different than any other release he has done and is exactly what he tries to accomplish.

    Now that the details are out, about the music. Don’t you think that an artist such as Grkzgl, who releases very little music every year, has a specific plan and a specific aesthetic in mind when he releases something? Don’t you think that this was thought out through and through and that he didn’t WANT to do an ‘esque, v.2’? Maybe not your cup of tea but your assumptions are wrong on all counts.

    The bar was NOT set low. The bar was set quite high and it was cleared by quite a margin.

  2. startlingmoniker Says:

    It may have been poor writing on my part, but in reference to the “tremendous amounts of product,” I was speaking more generically about noise artists, and not necessarily Grkzgl. Obviously, I can’t comment on his own internal “plan,” as I’m not him– doing so would seriously be overstepping my understanding.


    Enough with the bla bla and let’s go to the deal.

    I just think that this reviews don’t understand the harsh noise genre well and that’s why it’s barely interesting, there’s no mention about the quality of the sounds and the complex construction of it. Seems like you just compare it with the early sides of GRKZGL. As mentioned earlier, GRKZGL is a vey complex artist and his very small production is always different from release to release. This guy is not fucking Kenji Siratori, he beraly do only a couple of self-satisfactory releases per year, each one that have it’s own special sound. In this case, he answered to my need for him to the Brise-Cul Red Series, canadian harsh noise, which previously had leaders like Knurl, Ryan Bloomer, Wapstan, Kvik and Seagull with very challenging recording. As he is a very intense soundcrafter, GRKZGL outpassed the previeous titles in the series with a more than harsh release with great quality that it very flagrant here, any noise fan will notice the hard work on this release. You would see it if you werent busy having a big rage about the visual aspect of the release.

    I started my label like 8 years ago and with all the experimentation on presentation I’ve been to that format to be stable at it to give the chance to many of my friends that never ofen release stuff that are around me and that I know that they make amazing releases to have a release. If you think I never give copies to artist on my label I guess youR’E wrong, as most of the people on my label are my friends, I give them more copies than I usually have with my own bands on other labels and possibly more than the label sold itself… The constant presentation of the label give the opportunity to very talented people that don’T necessarly have big spirit for DIY business to have their name travelling throusg a network of people that runs across the label since it’s beginning. I often give the opportunity to very talented visual artists to work with me for visuals and that also give them exposure.

    The amount of releases may seems enormous to you and make the label catalogue looks suspicious but I put all my heart and devotion to every artists on my label, if they sell only 12 copies or if they sell 200-300… When I ask someone to be on the label the decision is not only a heart feeling but a reasonable feeling that I’d like the artists to be on the label’s rooster. With the number of people that have more than one release on my label (and GRKZGL is on 5 releases on the label) I can feel that I never thought that I treated anybody on my label with bad intentions. I may have done misstakes in the past but the past is gone for me… Giving me bad intentions in this review regarding to the visual presentation of the release and the format of the release makes me think that you are far from the DIY spirit that drives Brise-Cul Records… I never followed advice and people followed me… Every releases on Brise-Cul records is a special release with devotions and feeling from me to the people who gave their heart with it. People now know what to expect from a Brise-Cul releases, thoses who didn’t want to follow the train refused the invitation, good for them, but as the number of e-mail from people from everywhere that wants to be on the label I think I may do a very nice job…

    I hope it will clear you why if you attacked the integrity of my label, a big FUCK YOU come to my mouth suddently! You attacked not only my heart and devotion, but the work of the hundred of people that I’ve worked with in the last 7 years!


    Martin Sasseville

  4. Marde Gras Says:

    “”Now that the details are out, about the music. Don’t you think that an artist such as Grkzgl, who releases very little music every year, has a specific plan and a specific aesthetic in mind when he releases something? Don’t you think that this was thought out through and through and that he didn’t WANT to do an ‘esque, v.2′? Maybe not your cup of tea but your assumptions are wrong on all counts.

    The bar was NOT set low. The bar was set quite high and it was cleared by quite a margin.”

    When the packaging is cheap and the product is referencing a pile of shit it’s pretty hard to assume that the bar was set high. Of course I haven’t heard this recording but unless it comes with liners notes spelling out his intentions the packaging literally says this is a joke about shit and probably not mean to be taken seriously.

    Although given Martin’s own cock sucking it all seems appropriate. Hey Martin wanna suck some cock.. suck on this you french faggot. LOL!

  5. Simon Says:

    You are an idiot. Something not to be taken seriously and how seriously the artist takes the product is two different things. The care of the craft and the underlying message are completly different things. The bar was set high in the craft, not the message.

  6. Simon Says Says:

    DaveX, thanks for reminding me that you can edit my comments when I spam your wonderful blog with nonsense. I forget sometimes that I should let my friends at Brise-Cul fight their own battles, especially when they’re of a purely verbal nature between two citizens of the experimental community with differing notions on how best to do our part for musicians and culture.

    I can’t wait until Saturday morning, when I’ll get a chance to read your next GRKZGL review when it goes live around 8am CST!

  7. kingo Says:

    This is beautiful.

    I would like to read these comments into my sampler and then spray paint it.

    Then push buttons.

  8. Censored Says:

    next time when you write a fucking review how about actually reviewing the disc rather than the cocksucker that put it out running it by every bozo on the internet capable of banging their hairy palms against a keyboard just to make sure no sensitive noise-boi gets his knickers in a bind

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