Lazer Mountain/Wether – Untitled split CDR

An uneven split from Nail in the Coffin Records featuring East Coast solo noise artist Mike Hailey (Wether), and NITCO head Jorge Tapia’s own four-piece Lazer Mountain presenting one track apiece, plus one remix of each other’s contribition.

Wether opens the disc, clocking more than half its total length with a self-titled blast of ugly and overdriven noise. Across the handful of Wether releases I’ve managed to acquire, Hailey has displayed a real talent for maximizing the volume, and it’s no different here. An early morning headphone listen was a poor choice for me; I really should have known better– Hailey had me leaping for the volume control.

A bit of singed ear later, Lazer Mountain arrive with a fairly straight-forward rock-type track about a transvestite. As you surely know, I’m not big into this kind of thing. At any rate, I didn’t have to wait long to satisfy my curiosity about how Wether would mangle it.

Now here’s something worth listening to! Hailey constructs a glassy prism from Bill Harris’s drums, a fit prison for Nick Mielke’s now-shredded vox to bounce around in. The rhythm also seems to have a bit more punch to it, falling in with a crash after a lengthy looped cymbal figure.

I’m not sure what the heck Lazer Mountain did for their remix. There’s an awful racket to be sure, but it doesn’t remind me much of Wether’s track at all. How one goes about remixing a noise track, I can’t be certain, but I was hoping Lazer Mountain would have known. Instead; there’s tinkling keyboards, 70’s funk samples, and some noodley bass– some lyrics about a “scorpion in the sunset” close out the track. Huh?

This disc is a bit rocky, but if you dig Wether (and I do) it might be worth picking up to round out a collection. If anything, pick up a copy for Tapia’s superb album art– eyeburning fluorescent colors combined with some sort of unreadable alpha-code… if only all my discs looked this cool!

As number 41 in their catalog, this untitled split CDR is available through Nail in the Coffin Records.

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