Chica X – “The Dead Yard”

So I’m reviewing a CD from an eight year-old girl, probably recorded way back in her career when she was six. Obviously, I can’t be too serious here– besides, we share a last name– I’m already compromised.

Chica X, fronted by gregarious kiddo Xiola Tapia, combines Tapia’s eager vocals with the cracked production and instrumental talents of her label-boss and father, Jorge Tapia. I could get more detailed, but the liner notes are written in bubble letters. See my predicament?

Whatever, it’s catchy stuff. “Let You Go” might be able to sneak on a ‘B-sides and rarities’ type Pixies boot, and “How To Get Down” is absolutely begging for a dub remix. This is weird on the order of Missy Elliot, seriously.

It’s a lot of fun, and an enjoyable listen. Still, you’ll be happy to know that it’s not much more than ten minutes long. As with every Nail in the Coffin release, this CDR comes wrapped in some fantastic artwork. For “The Dead Yard,” nothing but the finest winged zebras frolicking in a Carebear/Rorschach test will suffice.

“The Dead Yard” is available from Nail in the Coffin Records.

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