Cristopher Cichocki, Kevin Shields, Rale – Untitled split DVD-R

Here’s something you’re going to want to pick up, maybe right now. Seriously, come back and read the review afterward. Ready?

If so, you’ve got a fantastic little 3″ DVD-R winging its way to your mailbox right now. I use the word “fantastic” because Cristopher Cichocki’s video work simply kills, bringing new dimensions to noise that just didn’t seem to be there before. Watching his intricately-edited videos, which practically abuse your persistence of vision, is like discovering a new sense– suddenly, noise has real motion and form– it’s a tremendous accomplishment.

Of course, it helps when you’ve got good noise to work with; I don’t see Cichocki being able to redeem The Gerogerigegege anytime soon. Thankfully,  this is not the case; Kevin Shields and Rale fill out the audio portion of the disc quite nicely. For his part, “Motorhands,” Kevin Shields contrasts high-pitched tones with a pounding wall of static-embedded shuffles. I’m not sure how the sounds are being produced, but there are a lot of interesting subtle shifts in their overall timbre that are going to take me more than a few listens to truly catch. If you dig it, Shields may still have copies of the original vinyl boxset it appeared on, “Thrash Sabbatical,” with Thurston Moore. Feel free to pick one up for your favorite poor music reviewer as well!

The second half of the disc is “Tattered Syntax” by Rale, an artist I am unfamiliar with. Actually, I’m not even familiar with the handful of labels he’s released various cassettes with– it seems I’ll have an entertaining afternoon following up on these. As for his contribution, Rale just doesn’t let up. Massive crunching noises work over both ears, while something like a horde of angry turntables waits in line to finish the job. There are cracks in the wall, but nothing like a respite or lull. Rale is apparently a “buy the ticket, take the ride” kind of guy.

Packaged appropriately on a sharp slice of aluminum threatening to tear its way through the fragile vellum wrapper, this untitled split DVD-R is the first in the Table of Contents “Singles Series”. Not sure if these will all be DVD-R, but one can only hope. Brilliant stuff, and a must-have for noise and experimental film fans.

The Cichocki/Shields/Rale split is currently available through both the Table of Contents and Deathbomb Arc labels. (And hey, dig my interview with Cichocki from back in May!)

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