Experimental music on video

I’ve decided that Fridays at STARTLING MONIKER should feature a few interesting experimental music videos. I come across a lot of good ones during the course of the week, so it’s time I started sharing. Here’s three to kick it off:

The first is Ironing, performing live at Hal McGee’s first Apartment Music show. Ironing describes the atmosphere; “Went through his stereo for volume control, RSVP due to capacity issues, coffee and cake served. Recordings were made straight to CDR and all performers had a complete recording of the entire show before they left!”

Next up, Pamela Z performs “Metalvoice,” at The Kitchen in New York, October 2004. I’m still up in the air about my feelings on her performances– theatre has never been an interest of mine, and it’s obviously a crucial element of her work. On the other hand, I have a huge fascination with artists exploring extended vocal elements…

Speaking of extended vocal elements, here’s my go-to lady for the job, Joan La Barbara. Finding her associated with Sesame Street just made her even more super cool.

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2 Responses to “Experimental music on video”

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  2. Ironing Says:

    Hey Dave! Thanks for including the Apartment Music video in your post! I should also mention that there was a stated emphasis on minimalism, in equipment set up and sound, which is why I’m just on microcassette transcriber.

    The second Apartment Music show just happened last Saturday, featuring seven performers (all different from last time) including out of towners Oubliette and Irene Moon. Hal posted videos of all the performers on his youtube channel and will have mp3s recorded direct from his mixer on his website soon.




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