My name is DaveX…

…and I’m a Coca-Cola junkie. Yes, I do enjoy the stuff, and I’ve had many great times– a Coke and a smile, as they say– having a cold drink and a long drive, politely harassing waitresses for multiple refills with a tasty pizza pie, or laughing about the degradation in quality of various fountain cups from the local gas station.

On my last birthday, I finally got hold of some super-yummy old-fashioned Coca-Cola… turning back the clock to a better day when high-fructose corn syrup wasn’t always an ingredient. Hooray for cane sugar!

But last night, I gave it up. I’m not a health fanatic by any means, but I think it’s become fairly apparent that the Coke isn’t exactly loving me back. I made it until 9 this morning before the withdrawl symptoms hit– Coke is a cruel master; I’ve been a grouchy, migraine-riddled mess all day.

With any luck, and a few more aspirin, I’m going to kick this. Until then, bear with me. Tonight’s show might be a doozy, haha.

Feel free to leave your stories of gritty urban addiction and human plight in the comments area.

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3 Responses to “My name is DaveX…”

  1. Sister Novena Says:

    Alcohol holds no significant attraction for me… a diversion, maybe, a good way to get to know people better (for better or worse). It’s the same with drugs — though my experience is admittedly limited ;). It’s great fun to visit now and then, but I wouldn’t want to live there.

    But I can’t. Stop. Drinking. Soda.

    It’s my one serious vice, and I don’t take it lightly — it fucks with my metabolism, it triggers epic cravings, it makes me break out, and surely produces a hundred other subtly negative effects. When I can get off of it, I feel much better for it. But it always drags me back for more.

    I’m not trying to compare it to a genuinely destructive habit, or even to something like smoking. I’m just saying, the fizzy sugar water can be real bitch. And yet I love her so.

    Which is just me saying, I feel your pain.

  2. NICK Says:

    im trying too!
    admittedly I am drank diet coke right now but ths is the last one.
    call if you feel weak brother!
    12 steps!

  3. Jack Adkins Says:

    Dave, I see that you were looking for a image of the Statue of Liberity rolling up sleves after 911. Did you ever find one, I am finding it troubling that the image doesnt come up.



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