Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 7/5/08

Independence Day ran a little late for me, so I didn’t end up finding time to dig out all my firework-related programming– no biggie, though– I’ve still got a lot of great stuff I want to play. I started the show with something from Glenn Weyant, “Epistemological Grounds,” which makes use of some train recordings to nice effect… it also is holding the “train” theme in mind for me, having made a large portion of my previous week. I’ll have some video evidence to back this up by Monday. While I’m at it, I’ll have more of Weyant later in this broadcast!

Up next was Diamondhead, with their Eh? Records release “Dirty Realism.” Not a lot of flow between these two on an obvious level, but it’s what I wanted to hear, so I imagine listeners can deal. Oh, station break!

Well, I’m back. I’ve sorta been running two shows simultaneously for the past hour and a half– one for everyone out there in listener-land, and the other for some WDBX folks who happened to be in the Hi-Life Room this morning. That’s one of the great things about having a show here, just being able to pick people’s brains about new music, new sounds, etc… and of course, sharing some things I’m excited about as well. Lots of behind-the-scenes today, haha!

Eventually, I’m going to have to do my “stereo show” with two separate broadcasts– one for each channel. I need to look into how I will accomplish this without destroying the studio, though.

Right now, I’m playing from Laminae’s “The Green Kingdom,” (scratch that, reverse it! “Laminae” is the name of the album) which is the brand-new release on The Land Of. This is a label I’m very fond of mentioning to everyone, so if you haven’t managed to visit them online, I suggest you do that ASAP.

Next up, I’m going to play a small set of Aaron Jones’ work– he’s part of semi-local band Maggotapplewonderland. I’ll be playing more of their work this coming week, from their newest release “Shards of Subtle Being.”

I’m going to close the broadcast with the Glenn Weyant, as promised. This is from the latest installment of the Sonic Anta D-Construction Sound Subscription Service, which is a bitch to type, but a joy to hear. I thought I had everything when my double disc set of experimental bagpipe ensemble music arrived, but “Electric Fan Sound Works” put me over the moon. Thanks, Glenn! As per his request in the liner notes, I’m letting listeners live it up with the full 30-minute recording. See you next week!

Glenn Weyant — Epistemological Grounds
Glenn Weyant — Network Memory Resonance
Diamondhead — Ditry Realism (excerpt)
Sin:Ned/Nerve — Ghost Feeding Vessel
Robert Ashley — Concrete; The Old Man Lives in Concrete
Robert Ashley — Concrete; Ideas About Thinking
Robert Ashley — Concrete; O Mesopotamia
E. Doctor Smith, Seth Elgart — Lord Telford’s Ghost
The Green Kingdom — Indigo Afternoon (from the album “Laminae”)
The Green Kingdom — The Scarlet Ibis (from the album “Laminae”)
Aaron Jones — Untitled 1
Aaron Jones — Untitled 2
Aaron Jones — Untitled 3
Glenn Weyant — Electric Fan Sound Works

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7 Responses to “Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 7/5/08”

  1. Melvin Klaudt Says:


    Just came across your comment about whether we are related to the South Dakota Klaudt. We probably are in the flesh, but no relationship when it comes to the Spiritual.

    Thanks for acquiring two of our records. Are they LP’s or singles?

  2. Eric Says:

    Hey, DaveX. Remember me from last year’s webcast on Well, if not I understand. But, here’s what I wanted to say, two things actually.

    1) I made a 90-minute binaural field recording of the fireworks barrage that occurs around home on the west side of Chicago every 4th of July. You can download and listen to a 6-and-a-half minute excerpt (64 MB WAV file @ 44.1kHz) for the next 14 days:

    2) Glenn just contacted me recently and I’m happily surprised by the similarity in our instruments and interests. I’d like to find a way to bring him to Chicago for the Chicago Calling festival in October along with Steve Barsotti (from Seattle) who also performs on a similar self-built instrument. BTW, Steve and I have new record out. It’s described on my “what’s new” page:

    3) Glenn, Steve, and share an interest in field recording and soundscape research which dovetails with another project that may be of interest to you, the World Listening Project. We’re just getting this started now. Bernie Krausse is interested in it. Here’s a new blog for it:

    All the best,

  3. startlingmoniker Says:

    I just heard from Glenn today, and I’ll be writing to you both tomorrow morning– and yeah, of course I remember you! (For any reader who doesn’t know Eric Leonardson, get clicking!)


    And for anyone interested in the Klaudt stuff, I chatted with Melvin a bit, and it seems he’s on the cover of at least one of my Klaudt Family LPs.

  4. Justin Says:

    Hey thanks for playing The Green Kingdom! Just a heads up, the artist name is The Green Kingdom and the album name is Laminae. Thanks for the support!


  5. startlingmoniker Says:

    Ack! Thanks for the heads-up, Justin!

  6. aaronjones Says:

    Many thanks for the airplay! I appreciate the support!

  7. Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 8/23/08 « Startling Moniker Says:

    […] good impression, you know? Also, The Land Of has me flustered! I screwed up the artist/album title last time I played The Green Kingdom’s disc “Laminae,” switching them up… and I did […]

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