Mail Art vs. Philately

Every now and then, an interesting-looking package will show up in my mailbox, despite the postal service’s best efforts to eat or destroy much of my incoming mail. Although the majority of packages I receive have bar coded or machine-printed postage, some of you care enough to share your spit with me. Others (and I’m kicking myself for not being able to locate so many of the cool things that have come in over the years) are more into the mail art side of things.

If you ever want something really fun to arrive in the mail, try ordering from Josh Ronsen or Crank Sturgeon! The last CS care package I got had mistreated playing cards, sticks, a portion of a children’s book, and some sort of human resources manual along with Crank’s bizarre approach to cdr and tape packaging. As I recall, Ronsen had a way with tin foil and re-purposed mailers.

As I mentioned, these sorts of things arrive every so often– with enough regularity that I will try to hold onto the more interesting stamps or art for a while, intending to share them with you– but most often, misplacing them before getting around to scanning stuff. That’s why this is an anemic display… perhaps you’ll enjoy it regardless? Be sure to click the scans to visit the associated labels and artists!

Here’s one from Lona Records, in Hong Kong:

This one is from Luovaja Records, in Finland:

It’s not a stamp, but it’s still pretty good-looking– from New Juche!

I forgot to mention Ukraine’s Nexsound earlier– although their mailers are generally plain brown, they have some amazing talent for creating beautiful album art and packaging.

This one caught my son’s eye– it’s from Sonic Anta, here in the U.S.

Finally, my favorite city– New York City! Gorgeously-designed packages are part of every The Land Of release, but I’m also digging these cancelled stamps… auto-mailart, anyone?

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