If you’ve been keeping up with my liveblogged playlists, you’re already aware that I’ve been looking into adding Skypecasts to my ever-expanding repotoire of broadcasting options. After a few trial broadcasts, I’m convinced this could be a useful tool, despite the fact that it’s a bit more clumsy than I’d like.

As with any medium, Skypecasting has unique strengths and weaknesses. On the positive end, I can schedule a Skypecast for pretty much any time of day, and for any duration. Listeners can also join in, as a Skypecast is more like a big conference call than the one-way street that is normal radio. I’m looking forward to hearing you as much as I hope you enjoy hearing my broadcasts!

However, listeners have to install Skype in order to listen at all– it’s free, but I’m not sure how many people will be willing to do this.

The biggest drawback for me is how I have to set the audio options. As I vastly prefer having multiple sources from which to source music for my broadcasts, I have been using at least two instances of a music player program during the Skypecasts. However, this necessitates setting my computer’s stereo mix as the recording source– this means that I can’t use my microphone to speak with listeners without switching away from the music entirely. It’s also fairly clumsy, with me bopping back and forth in my PC’s recording settings control window. Anyone know a way around this? I wonder if there’s a plugin or little app that could make this easier.

So how many STARTLING MONIKER readers would check out a Skypecast? Discuss it all by yourself, with the single anemic comment that this post will likely engender…

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One Response to “Skypecasting!”

  1. kingosleemer Says:

    I’ve got skype installed, but it’s been there for years so it’s probably an old version. I’d be willing to give it a shot, assuming of course some piece of time frees up for me sometime in the next 17 years.

    As far as audio options: It almost sounds to me like it’d be better using an input as the source, and for things that you need to play from your computer run an output to a mixer input so then it goes back to the computer input…

    Yeah, probably not really easier. Maybe more funner.

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