Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 6/22/08

I’m covering for the Jazz Kitten right now– just got finished babysitting the “New Dimensions” program… something about “living democracy,” ugh. I’ve noticed that every time I hear that program, the host and interviewee sound.. I don’t know, breathy. Like two people falling asleep while talking politics. Music, please!

I’m playing from Dr. Mint’s superb “Visions and Nightmares” album right now, with an excellent lead-in from the California Outside Music Associates, and their disc “Big Words.” I rarely mention this, but it’s just wonderful to be able to get music like this on the radio. It may not be much compared to the corporate behemoths, but it’s got to count for something! I won’t lie– it’s all an uphill battle. Last night’s big musical event was a live covers band, who apparently slogged through some Steely Dan to the drunken delight of an enormous crowd. Dr. Mint, come save us!

You want to talk about taking a risk? I’m dropping the next half hour on one artist– and one work– Nicolas Bougaïeff’s “Dies Irae.” That’s more or less radio suicide, but I like this piece so much I’m doing it anyway. Let’s hope some folks stick around for the whole thing. As a side note, do not listen to “Dies Irae” following a scary movie viewing. I made that mistake during my last show, and spent a lot of being totally paranoid.

I’m bargaining with people in SLSK’s noise chat– the host of CFMU-FM’s “A Little Noise in the System” will check out my show if I dig his sometime. Sounds fair.

If you weren’t listening, you just missed a really beautiful bit with Annea Lockwood’s “Fridingden to Ulm,” co-existing with Sabrina Siegel’s “Fire”. Gorgeous stuff– and too bad I’m not recording this broadcast… Next up, I have a work from Robert Dow, entitled “Precipitation Within Sight.”

I finished off the show with an excerpt from Solitary B label’s new release “For Birds, Planes & Cello,” which was a nice way to lead into “Music From Beyond the Lakes,” and its annual “Porchswing Music” broadcast.

Frederique Bruyas — Christophe Tarkos, Poeme choisi in Pan, Editions P.O.L.
Bob Marsh — Over Time You’ll See
California Outside Music Associates — Folketymology
Dr. Mint — Fire Flight
Henri Chopin — La civilisation du papier
Nicolas Bougaïeff — Dies Irae
Miss High Heel — A Holocaust Offered to Soft-Moloch
Frank Rothkamm — Half Man, Half Amazing
Sabrina Siegel — Ring
Sabrina Siegel — Fire
Annea Lockwood — A Sound Map of the Danube, Fridingden to Ulm
Robert Dow — Precipitation Within Sight
Al Margolis/If, Bwana — An Innocent, Abroad: Abroad
Miya Masaoka, Joan Jeanrenaud — For Birds, Planes & Cello (excerpt)

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