Firefox 3 Firefox 3 drops at noon (my time), which surprised me. I figured I could jump out of bed, pad over the computer in my PJs, and have some sort of geeky pseudo-Xmas morning event.

No such luck!

Now I’m waiting on those slowpoke San Franciscans to wake up, have their coffee, read some blogs, etc… In the meantime, be sure to get over to the download pledge site and help Mozilla win a world record!

Update: Here’s a hint– if you invite everyone to a party, be sure to have enough chairs. 30 mins in, and I’m still getting time out errors, ack! BTW, this is my first animated gif. Feel free to throw those party chairs at me, but I think it turned out well!

Update 2: It took about an hour, but I finally got Firefox 3 downloaded. I’m really enjoying the way bookmarks are set up, especially in regards to live bookmarks. The back/forward/recent button is pretty fab, too! I’m still not a big fan of the new location bar, it’s kinda big and ugly… wouldn’t mind being able to turn that off easily, it’s too weird having bookmarks pop up as I type, especially for miscellaneous internal links at the main site I may be attempting to reach. I’m also happy to have my Adblock Plus back– it wasn’t compatible right off, but seems to be working now. With any luck, I’ll get the Skype and Linkify plugins back soon.

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