Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 6/14/08

Update: OMG, I actually recorded this broadcast, and am now offering it for a free download. It’s not nearly as high quality as the originals, so if you like something, be sure to get a real copy. This download is taken directly from the webstream, and is a 64 kbps mp3 file– about 68 megs.

Well, I’m managing to keep up the playlist and liveblog… granted, not with a whole lot to say here so far this week. I started off this “It’s Too Damn Early” with a Blossoming Noise release, Miss High Heel’s “The Family’s Hot Daughter.” Not a bad way to clearly demarcate one show from the next, eh?

With little regard for flow, I proceeded on to Object, a much more quietly nuanced release on Eh? Records. I’m a sucker for any recording utilizing balloon as a sound source, so this was a natural pick for me.

At present, I’ve got the Mystified disc “Crank” spinning– this is his first for the Power Silence label, which is quickly becoming one of my favorites to watch. So far, all the PS releases I’ve heard have featured high-quality work, and seem to benefit from some picky selection. I haven’t heard a lot of Mystified’s beat-based material, but I enjoy the remix of Metek’s “Infrastructure” included here… it’s a track with an odd pedigree, the current remix most likely arising from an earlier Metek/Mystified/Pythagora split where Metek constructed it from Mystified samples!

Just got done playing a nice little mini cdr from GRKZGL, courtesy his recent Canadian care package. On-air, I promised details of how to acquire copies of this nifty little disclet– looks like you may have to e-mail him: grkzgl AT … Next week, I hope to get a chance to play from another of his recordings, “C’est de la Marde,” which you will no doubt enjoy.

It looks as though I will more or less close out this broadcast with “For Birds, Planes & Cello,” a lovely work from Miya Masaoka and Joan Jeanrenaud on the brand-new Solitary B label. I am quite impressed with the quality of their first two releases– the other being “While I Was Walking I Heard A Sound…” which features Amy X Neuberg (one of my favorites, AND we share an inital!) among other vocalists in a unique setting. I’ll get to this one next week, so be sure to tune in. That’s not to say this show hasn’t been without highlights! I’m already envisioning a little home mix I may put together with “For Birds, Planes & Cello” intertwined with some Francisco Lopez and Annea Lockwood materials…

How about a little more? I’ve got a nice advance copy of RP Collier’s “Deconstruction of Twilight,” an ambient guitar work very much different from what I’ve previously heard of Collier’s work. As you may recall, I’m mighty choosy with ambient recordings, but this one has definitely made the cut. I’ll have about 15 minutes of show time remaining, so instead of closing with one sort of ambient sound, I’ll finish with another. Enjoy it!

Miss High Heel — Pity Squashed Your Flowers
Miss High Heel — Name Lady Entirely Over ‘Was’
Miss High Heel — Lace Maker of Perfect Arse
Miss High Heel — Bad by Proust ‘A’
Ricardo Arias, Miguel Frasconi, Keiko Uenishi — Object, Live 6/12/04
Mystified — Disintegrate
Mystified, Metek — Infrastructure
Mystified — Cruel to be Kind
GRKZGL — Antitule
Miya Masaoka, Joan Jeanrenaud — For Birds, Planes & Cello
RP Collier — Deconstruction of Twilight

2 Responses to “Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 6/14/08”

  1. mystified13 Says:

    Nice to be on board! Thanks Dave!

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