I can’t quit/kill you.

Okaaaaay, so I’m a lazy SOB. This, we have established. In other news, no fatal consequences to my stats– not sure if this is a good thing or not.

As longer-time readers/listeners can guess, I’m inside one of my periodic “low” times, with both the show and blog suffering as a result. My past what? whole bunch of shows have had suck-ass accompanying liveblogs, no download, and a silent host. It’s no comment on the music, to be sure, but that’s what you get from a DJ half-decided to build his broadcast around an “I’m a useless waste of space” theme. Ugh.

I just deleted a whole bunch of stuff from this entry. Too introspective!

Oh, and deleted a lot more again. Too dramatic!

In a nutshell, if I can’t get things together to my liking, I’m giving up entirely. Let’s see how it goes.

One Response to “I can’t quit/kill you.”

  1. protman Says:

    we believe in you d00d! turtle power!

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