Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 5/24/08

I’ve been a bit lazy with the liveblogging lately, but I’m attempting to get back into form. I’m not exactly off to the best start with this one, because I’m already at the Sonderberg tape (a split with Ophibre, I might add) before I started typing these comments. Seems like I’m digging a lot of longer sounds/constructions so far this broadcast, so perhaps you’re in this mood as well? We’ll see how it goes…

I’ve got some Bikelophone recordings up next, live sound assembly from 2001. It’s been a while since I’ve heard this, but I wanted to bring it in for some reason. I’m as curious as anyone where this will lead.

Turns out the Bikelophone disc was a great transitional recording from Sonderberg’s sine tones into those of Satoru Wono– glad I brought it! Now I’m playing from one of Glenn Weyant’s D-Construction Sound Subscription Series of CDRs… a track called “Transition of Matter.” I’m actually really happy to hear this one, as it is very much something I would have liked to record myself. How wonderful to find someone having done it for me!

Oddly enough, I just had someone call in a request for Nicolas Bougaïeff’s “Noise at 6,” a recording from the JTTP Cache 2005 compilation. Not exactly the sort of request I’m used to receiving– it is both specific AND appropriate to my show, go fig! My caller was cut off partway through our conversation, however, so hopefully they’ll hear this.

Crass — Berkertex Bride
Costes — Ils Ont tue Costes
Charlemagne Palestine — Oberlin College Spectral Continuum
Eliane Radigue — Jetsun Mila (extract)
DaveX — Purification
Annea Lockwood — A Sound Map of the Danube (extract)
Adam Sonderberg — Untitled Music for Bell and Sine Tone
Stephen Schweitzer — Bikelophone, 12/12/01
Satoru Wono — Sonata for Sine Wave and White Noise (extract)
Frank Rothkamm — B and B plus 33
Sabrina Siegel — Drop Bow Down Cello
Glenn Weyant — Transitions of Matter
Glenn Weyant — Matters of Transition
Nicolas Bougaïeff — Noise at 6
Thanos Chrysakis, Dario B. Villegas, Oli Mayne — Opiophobia
Thanos Chrysakis, Dario B. Villegas, Oli Mayne — Entrain I
Thanos Chrysakis, Dario B. Villegas, Oli Mayne — Entrain II
Ernesto Tomasini, Fabrizio M. Palumbo — Stoo Kuinnutu
Bearly Queen — Lost in the Snow
Marina Hardy — Mkay
Marina Hardy — Cowgypsy

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3 Responses to “Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 5/24/08”

  1. bq Says:

    thanks for playing my music! hope somebody out there liked it ;)

  2. nicolas bougaieff Says:

    hi! found your page by googling my name.. thanks for the interest!

  3. Feeling left out? « Startling Moniker Says:

    […] It’s Too Damn Early, full show for 5/24/08 (here’s a link to the original commentary) […]

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