Disappointment / Moon Crickets

Well, the Vatican hedged their bets, and ended up hanging its collective ass out. Too bad about NASA’s big announcement, though– I was hoping it would be the discovery of Planet X, or better yet, another habitable Earth-like planet… instead, they’ve discovered the most recent example of a supernova, one dating from around the time of the Civil War.

Still, it’s always fun to listen to a NASA briefing. One reporter just asked what would be my first question– in a nutshell, what’s the big deal with THIS supernova?

Uhh… did someone just ask about “moon crickets?” WTF? MOON CRICKETS!!! Now he’s asking about the Swoogy Supernova of 2007… ah, sounds like someone is goofing on NASA.

Hmm.. a quick visit to the Urban Dictionary confirms that moon crickets and swoogie are both racial epithets for African-Americans. Oh my. I’m guessing that must have been a reporter for the Pinhead Daily. Glad to see folks representing themselves so well.

Oh… and we end with someone screaming about vaginas… Yes, NASA folks, they ARE looneys.

As can be expected, I’ve been taping this conference. There’s some semi-interesting stuff going on still, despite the press conference officially being over. Sounds like someone left the mic on, maybe?

3 Responses to “Disappointment / Moon Crickets”

  1. AcesHigh Says:

    give up on PlanetX. It doesnt exists. Its a myth!

    as for the press report, it DID NOT END after the guy shouted about vaginas. They messed up the sound. Turn the sound volume really loud and you will notice the press conference is still going on… but you can barely hear it.

  2. Timmay! Says:

    Supernova Superfail for NASAs PR department for arranging a free for all call-in show for what was supposed to be the greatest discovery of the last 50 years. How lame.

  3. ToG Says:

    AcesHigh, You are wrong. It did end then and there, they just kept chatting on about random stuff and were heard to be making comments about the press conference.

    Also the first caller refered to ‘Moon Crickets’ and ‘Swoogie’. These are both racial slurs against black people.

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