An open letter to Trent Reznor

I downloaded your new Nine Inch Nails release yesterday– and I’m still seeding– but what I’m wondering is when you’ll see fit to go WAY out with your music.

“Ghosts” was a great start, and so far I’m enjoying “The Slip”, but how about some complete weirdness? Seems to me that you have the freedom (and the tools!) to take a few willing listeners down the path you started way back at “Fixed” and “Further Down the Spiral.”

Wouldn’t it be fun to do an album like this as a stand-alone release rather than just a series of remixes? I’m excited already. Don’t let me down!

One Response to “An open letter to Trent Reznor”

  1. Jake Says:

    I’m definitely enjoying The Slip more than Ghosts, but otherwise I agree with you… he needs to do more strange bits. Get back on the drugs or something, Trent!

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